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Daniel LeClair, N.H. Senate District 10

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Dan LeClair

Age: 40

City/town of residence: Swanzey, NH

How long have you lived in your Senate district? Lived in my District for 24 years

Family: I have 3 children, 3 dogs, and 3 cats. I am also engaged to my beautiful wife to be, Stephanie Tarr

Education: I have an Associated Degree in Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies, Master’s Degree in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics

Occupation: I am in charge of Business Development for Superior Walls by Weaver Precast

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged, public/government service: I a member of the NRA, NHGOP Committee, Cheshire Country Republican Committee, and also and elected member of the MRHS school board

1. If you could pass one piece of legislation to help New Hampshire’s post-pandemic economic recovery, what would it be?

When elected my first piece of legislation I want to pass, is to make sure that Government can never have control over private businesses, places of worship or the freedom to assemble ever again. That is a huge overreach of government power. In times of uncertainty, the government can issue recommendations, but it should always be up to private business, organizations, churches, and the people to do what they feel is safe. I will also do everything in my power to end the State of Emergency that we are in, so all businesses can open up to full capacity, end the unconstitutional mandates that are being passed, not only in the City of Keene, but throughout the State and allow people to decide for themselves what is best for their health, not government.

2. New Hampshire’s school-funding formula is once again before the N.H. Supreme Court. Whose responsibility is it to fix this problem and how?

First, we need to look at how NH Democrats have voted for additional public-school funding. So far over the past 2 years NH Democrats have voted twice not to accept $46 million dollars in funding for public charter schools. They continually legislate on their own personal beliefs and not what is in the best interest of children or their families. All children are amazing with unique qualities that will allow them to succeed in life. We need to make sure we give families all the tools necessary to allow their children to succeed.

3. What more should the Statehouse be doing to incentivize clean energy?

The best way to incentivize clean energy it to give tax breaks to companies that want to come to NH and establish clean energy sources. Unlike the past 2 years, where NH Democrats have tried everything in their power to raise taxes in the forms of an income tax, sales tax, gas tax, carbon tax and many others. These taxes added up to an extra $1500 per family, per year. We need to move toward clean energy, but we cannot do it at the expense of families being able to put food on the table.

4. What can the N.H. Senate do to make health care more accessible and affordable for Granite Staters?

Health care is always a big issue that we face. Since the creation of Obamacare, people’s insurance costs have skyrocketed, deductibles are through the roof and people are struggling. Until the Federal Government is able to repeal this disastrous bill and allow for market competition again, these prices won’t go away. People should not look to government to solve all their problems, that is why we have outrageous healthcare costs now. Most of the time when government touches something, they ruin it. We live in a community filled with smart, hardworking people, who know what needs to be done to help one another. Government needs to stop interfering in people’s lives.

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