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Rita Mattson

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Rita Mattson

Age: I’m 64

City or town of residence: Dublin

How long have you lived in your House district? 5 years. I have lived in New Hampshire most of my life.

Family: I’m married and have 1 daughter, 1 step-daughter, 1 step-son and 3 grandchildren.

Education: I graduated from Timberlane in Plaistow. I received some technical training which began my mechanical/maintenance career path.

Occupation: I’m retired, but was a blue collar worker most of my career. I worked mostly in factory/production settings. I was also involved in Safety Training and Quality Assurance.

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged:

I belong to NHLA, CCRC, NFRW and I am a 15+ year member of the NRA.

Public/government service: None

1. If you could pass one piece of legislation to help New Hampshire's post-pandemic economic recovery, what would it be?

For continued Economic Recovery I would reduce or eliminate small business taxes to help with job growth and to encourage more benefits for workers.

2. New Hampshire's school-funding formula is once again before the N.H. Supreme Court. Whose responsibility is it to fix this problem and how?

I believe schools and school funding are a local responsibility, not the courts. The courts should not have a role in setting funding policies. The Democrats just want to add a sales and income tax and will try to use this to do it. The Democratic House Majority Leader in Concord is a school union employee. He is not looking out for our interests.

3. Is there a role for the state in police reform? What specific reforms or changes, if any, should the Legislature make?

Again, this is a local issue, and in most cases are handled appropriately. Training is an important part of the Police officers job and should be held to the highest standards. In cases that are not responded to satisfactorily, then the legislature should work on corrective measures.

4. How can we make it more feasible for people on fixed incomes to stay in New Hampshire — and in their homes?

First, by not implementing a sales or income tax, which is on the Democrats agenda again. Also, by eliminate the tax on interest and dividends. Also, locally, reduce property tax on main home by 5% per year after retirement age until it is 0%. Additionally, although it is a federal tax, Social Security should not be taxed on anyone over retirement age.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

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