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Leo Plante

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Leo Plante

Age: 74

City or town of residence: Did not answer

How long have you lived in your House district? 5 years

Family: Single

Education: Brown University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Boston College

Occupation: Retired. Former investment banker and college professor.

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Chaplain, American Legion Post 24, Marlborough, NH

Public/government service: Former Treasurer, Dublin Area Republican Committee

1. If you could pass one piece of legislation to help New Hampshire’s post-pandemic economic recovery, what would it be?

I stand for personal responsibility and liberty. NH should immediately fully reopen all businesses. NH citizens have the good sense to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families.

2. New Hampshire’s school-funding formula is once again before the N.H. Supreme Court. Whose responsibility is it to fix this problem and how?

NH public schools are overpriced, bloated and underperforming bureaucracies controlled by teacher unions and feckless school boards. Without competition from charter and independent schools, public schools will continue to produce large numbers of graduates who are not proficient in math and reading. I support school choice, education tax credits, home schooling and expanded charter schools. Charter schools operate at less than half the cost of SAU schools and produce better academic outcomes.

3. Is there a role for the state in police reform? What specific reforms or changes, if any, should the Legislature make?

I fully support NH local and state police. Police abuse in NH is rare. NH has adequate oversight in place to deal with police misconduct.

4. How can we make it more feasible for people on fixed incomes to stay in New Hampshire — and in their homes?

NH could significantly reduce property taxes by enacting school choice. Local school taxes represent more than half of total property taxes in most NH towns. Property taxes are a major burden on retired families.

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