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Jim Beard, N.H. Executive Council, District 2

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James S. Beard

Age: 68

City or town of residence: Lempster, NH

How long have you lived in your Executive Council district? Since 2003, 17 years

Family: Separated since 2003, two adult children, two grandchildren

Education: BA Aviation Management, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Occupation: Retired, Aviation International Business

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: AOPA( Aircraft & Owners Pilot Association), Regional / International Airlines Association(s), Trustee of Monadnock Conservancy and NRA.

Public/government service: Chair Lempster Conservation Commission (former), Chair Lempster Library Trustees (current), Chair Sullivan County GOP (former)

1. What is the most pressing infrastructure need in your district?

In no order of priority:

a. Aging population: Access to health care, increasing property taxes and transportation, including access to high speed internet.

2. What criteria would you use in vetting judicial appointments?

First and foremost, understanding the United States and New Hampshire Constitution(s). I look for nominees to review our Constitution(s) interpret laws, not make new laws from the bench.

3. What would be your top priority in considering state contracts?

Review, question and determine qualifications of the vendor. Provide transparency, not favoritism in approval.

4. What issue do you consider more pressing in the Monadnock Region than elsewhere in your district?

Three areas of importance under consideration for the Monadnock Region: 1.Impact of “Green Energy” movement under way with specific requirements. What is the impact for the aging population regarding property taxes, increased taxes for small business’s and energy compliance on both?

1. Economic Development: Does the Green Deal impact the Monadnock Region negative or positive for attracting new business? My inclination is positive for attracting business willing to participate in a cleaner regional environment.

2. Affordable Housing: In order to keep our college graduates here in the Monadnock Region two criteria must hold true. One is attractive jobs with attractive wages. Most important in this decision is affordable housing. Brain drain of graduates leaving our State for better

Employment opportunities and affordable housing should be a concern and is currently a deterrent.

3. Review of the 10 year plan for transportation and highways in the Monadnock region.

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