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Aria DiMezzo, Cheshire County sheriff

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Aria DiMezzo

Age: 13.7 billion years

City or town of residence: Keene

How long have you lived in Cheshire County? 2.5 years

Family: A sister

Education: AAS, Network Administration

Occupation: High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Reformed Satanic Church; Libertarian Party; Shire Free Church

Public/government service: Distribution of Bitcoin to defund the war machine

1. Why are you running for sheriff and what role should the office play in Cheshire County?

I am running for sheriff because the law enforcement problems in the United States are systemic, even as the PDs in Cheshire County are benign and kind. The example should be set that sheriff departments should be reining in police, because no one else is legally authorized to, and city councils will never actually do it. The sheriff department should police the police and protect the people from aggression.

2. Law enforcement officials often say that “we can’t arrest our way” out of the opioid crisis. How would you work to address substance use aside from traditional arrests and investigations?

We need to end the drug war. I don’t think it’s a good idea for people to become addicted to opiates, but the problem is that they become addicted, and then have to turn to the black market, where things like fentanyl and krokodil exist. We don’t see people turning to the black market to buy alcohol, because they can get it safely and reliably from the store. Whether someone is in pain and needs opiates, or just wants to get high--that’s a call for the individual to make, not all of society or politicians, and it’s not my place or anyone but theirs to determine whether that is a good or bad idea in their situation. When alcohol prohibition happened, we saw these exact problems suddenly appear with alcohol. It became exponentially more destructive. Yet it wasn’t the FBI and police who put an end to Al Capone and his types; it was repealing prohibition. Places around the world have done this, to enormous success. End the drug war, and use the money that goes into funding it to expand addiction treatment.

3. Would you favor your officers using body and vehicle cameras?

I use dash and rear cams in my personal vehicle. The Reformed Satanic Church has purchased them for others, as well, because we should all take steps to protect ourselves. All LEOs should be required to have dash and body cams, and should be fired immediately if they’re ever obscured or switched off. The same is true for police and body cams. I wish we hadn’t gotten to this point, but when police tell us a girl whose hands were cuffed behind her back in the cop car managed to shoot herself in the head, and when witnesses confirm police shot her, the luxury of trust cannot be extended to the police. The footage from police dash and body cams should ideally be live streamed at all times, and publicly accessible. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Police actions should never be beyond the eyes of the public.

4. What would you do over the next two years to ensure that deputies are responding properly to mental health calls?

The culture of policing has to change. They should exist to help people, but rarely do they do that. A man in Keene a year or so ago had a mental breakdown, and police ended up sending in a SWAT team. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt, because, again, the police in Keene are relatively benign. These types of hostile and aggressive acts do not remove tension from the situation, and should be avoided at all costs. Deputies should not generally be responding to mental health breakdowns; look at the 13 year old autistic kid whose mother called 911 when he had a breakdown. Police ended up shooting him several times as he walked away. And people are surprised that we now have a sheriff candidate saying “Fthe police?” Something has to change, drastically and quickly.

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