Dear Sentinel Subscriber:

To me, photographers have always been artists.

When we typically think of news photographers, we might imagine journalists flashing their press passes, dashing into breaking news scenes, their camera bags banging against their hips, scrambling for better angles as events unfold in real time. But when I reflect on the photos that have moved me over the years, I realize just as often it’s been small events from which photographers leave impact. They capture the seemingly routine in way I’d never see, from places I’d never look, telling stories I could never tell.

Artists, right?

Hannah Schroeder is the visual journalist for The Sentinel, adept at both still photography and video. She comes to us from Ohio and has, in just a few months, made us aware of her remarkable talents. We’ve been blessed with not only her skills at shooting breaking news events but also her delightful abilities to visually convey everyday occurrences in memorable, artistic ways — a 105th birthday, a first day of school, workers pouring concrete, a collapsed historic staircase.  And, of course, as you see above, the more calamitous occasions of flood and fire.

In appreciation for you as subscribers, for your willingness to support our journalism and Hannah through subscriptions and donations, we asked her to present 21 of her most memorable images from 2021 and to tell you a bit of the story behind each one.

As I read these narratives, I was taken behind the lens in a way I hadn’t expected, to being in Hannah’s shoes during times of celebration, hardship, controversy and sheer joy. I felt the thoughtfulness that went into her work. I appreciated her search to show things otherwise fleeting or unseen. Of being, as she says, a fly on the wall and to not impede that which unfolded in front of her. In the end, I saw things differently.

We don’t thank you enough for being subscribers. So, for today, let us do that and urge you to click on this link to see Hannah’s artistry.

Sincerely — and thanks,

Terrence L. Williams

President & COO

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