Operating budget: $610,906, down $169,644, or about 21.7 percent, from the $780,550 budget voters approved last year.

Operating budget comparisons do not represent the change in the amount that would need to be raised by taxes, which is also affected by spending requests in separate warrant articles and year-to-year changes in revenue.Also on the warrant: Voters will be asked whether to appropriate $105,000 for construction of a salt/sand shed. If approved, funds would be transferred from surplus funds, with none raised by taxation.

Voters will also decide whether to change the treasurer from an elected to an appointed office. If approved, the change would take effect beginning with the town election in 2021.

Other articles would add money to capital reserve funds, including $25,000 for fire department vehicles, $10,000 for reconstruction and resurfacing of bituminous-surfaced roads, $9,000 for repairs to town buildings and $5,000 for bridge maintenance and repairs.

Contested races: None

Elections: Tuesday, March 10, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sullivan Town Hall

Meeting: Wednesday, March 11, immediately after the 7 p.m. Sullivan School District meeting, Sullivan Town Hall

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