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Local Journalism & Information

Local Journalism & Information

What Local Means

• Award-winning, fact checked journalism and daily coverage of the Monadnock region you can trust.

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• Breaking news, Health Reporting Lab, Local Sports, Opinions and thought-provoking investigative journalism.

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The Keene Sentinel Mobile App

The Keene Sentinel Mobile App

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Health Reporting Lab

Health Reporting Lab

Stay Healthy & Informed

• Stay informed on issues like mental health, the opioid crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic with our Health Solutions Reporter Olivia Belanger.

• Get involved in our events, such as our Health Fair, coming up in April.

• Stay in the know with our new Health Lab podcast, Invisible Illness, that aims to shed light on the unseen diagnoses people live with, available here.

More Content

More Content

So Much More!

• Local advertising and money-saving coupons.

• Digital Archives: Dive into the past through our archives from 1799-1945. We've been around since 1799!

• Special Sections: Enjoy specialty content such as ELF, Holiday Gift Guide, Monadnock Table, Parent Express and more!

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The Keene Sentinel e-Edition


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Newsletters & Push Notifications

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Enjoy Life to the Fullest!

• ELF is the weekly entertainment and lifestyles publication brought to you by The Keene Sentinel.

• You’ll find lively features about local people, businesses and information on gardening, pets, healthy living, hobbies, antiquing and much more.

•  More than 20,000 copies of ELF are distributed in this area.

• Our Spotlight section includes local event listings and other activities to plan for a weekend of fun.

Events, Comics, Crosswords & Puzzles

Events, Comics, Crosswords & Puzzles

Have Some Fun!

• Contests, community events, contests, polls and other fun things to engage in!

• Enjoy our Crossword, Sudoku puzzles and comic strips. (Subscriber Exclusive).

• Local Photo and Video Galleries.

• Monadnock Calendar: Explore local events and happenings around the area with our event calendar.

What Makes Local Community Journalism Important?

Being a trusted news leader, since 1799.

The reader of The Keene Sentinel will feel a sense of belonging and will be inspired and empowered to engage in community. This is made possible by an innovative, caring, proactive and responsive news organization that serves as a trusted source and civic partner.

The Sentinel was founded by 21-year-old John Prentiss in March 1799, and, as we understand it, is one of the five oldest news organizations in the country continuously published under the same name.

Serving over 26 communities throughout New Hampshire.

The paper is locally owned, which is a rarity these days. The publisher and owner, Tom Ewing, lives in Keene and occupies a corner office overlooking West Street.

He, like all the other members of The Sentinel team, is answerable to and for an enterprise that has been serving the community for more than two centuries. (We only missed the administration of George Washington.)

Acknowledging the public nature of our work, we are also answerable to you.

Democratic Societies rely on Local News.

For local news to be relavent and effective, it must be written locally. National and World News can be so impersonal. Publications can no longer depend on ad-based revenue and instead must rely on subscriptions and important donations from people just like you, who care about local journalism.

2022 New England Newspaper of the Year

Newspaper of the year awarded by the New England Newspaper & PRess Association for daily newspapers with a circulation of less than 10,000.

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