The Washington Nationals will meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday, just five days after the team won the World Series and a week after their fans booed Trump in person.

It took six months for the Boston Red Sox to visit Trump after winning the World Series last year. The team didn’t make its White House visit until May of 2019, and when it did, nearly every non-white player and coach boycotted the visit.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora said he was skipping the visit over Trump’s mangling of the response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, while pitcher Hector Velazquez said he was boycotting because of the president’s racism toward Mexico.

The Nationals’ playoff roster includes eight players from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, and closer Sean Doolittle is reportedly a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. It’s not immediately clear which players and coaches, if any, will be going to the White House.

— The Washington Post