Loud out

SwampBat catcher Alex Griffith tags out a Vermont Mountaineer base runner at the plate at Alumni Field in 2018.

The decision on whether the New England Collegiate Baseball League has a season or not still hasn’t been decided prior to the league’s board meeting this Friday, but the league has already lost one team as the Vermont Mountaineers opted not to participate in the season Wednesday.

“They have the right to do what they want,” Keene Swamp Bats President Kevin Watterson said. “It caught me by surprise considering as a league we tend to do everything together. But our stance as a league is the same as it was before. We’re meeting Friday to talk about different challenges for the league, whether to play this year or not and I do expect that shortly after that we’re going to announce our intention to play, not play, delay the season. All options are in play.”

With the loss of the Mountaineers, the 13-team league is now trimmed to 12 teams, and the possibility of other teams dropping out is not out of the question, but not expected prior to the meeting this Friday, according to Watterson.

“I think Vermont dropping out took everybody totally by surprise,” Watterson said. “I do not think there will be another defection prior to the league making a decision. We’re all in.”