Mea Carroll-Clough

Monadnock’s Mea Carroll-Clough brings the ball up against Keene Friday night. The sophomore scored a game-high 19 points in Friday’s matchup.

For a little while, it looked like sophomore Mea Carroll-Clough was going be a valuable addition to the Keene High girls basketball team.

But when her family moved from Keene to Swanzey after playing middle school basketball with the Blackbirds, Carroll-Clough had to switch out the orange and black jersey for a green and white one that has “Huskies” written across the front.

The Keene and Monadnock girls basketball teams met on Thursday and Friday of last week, a rare regular season matchup between the schools that was made possible by this year’s COVID-adjusted regional schedule.

The games had Carroll-Clough going up against some of her old teammates.

Keene won both matchups, but the sophomore showed up, scoring a combined 26 points in the two games, including a game-high 19 on Friday.

“It means a lot,” Carroll-Clough said after Friday’s game. “It’s definitely a weird experience.

“I played with a lot of those girls before moving to this team, but I love both teams equally. It’s just kind of a cool feeling,” she added.

After each game, Carroll-Clough greeted all of her former Keene teammates. It was all smiles between the girls, and they were even posing for some photos.

On Friday, Carroll-Clough was one of the last girls to leave the Keene gym.

“Obviously playing well against any team is amazing, but especially against a team that I know well,” Carroll-Clough said. “It means a lot.”

“For her to move from Keene to Swanzey and come out at Keene High to show that off tonight, that’s a really special moment for her,” said Monadnock head coach Rob Skrocki after Friday’s game. “I’m really happy for her.

“She showed up wanting this game,” he added.

Carroll-Clough’s showing over the last two games solidified what Keene head coach Stacey Massiah already knew:

“She would’ve been another piece of weaponry for us,” Massiah said after Thursday’s game.

“She was supposed to come here,” he added longingly after Friday’s game. “I know her folks. We had a good laugh about it at their place [Thursday].”

But it’s all love, Massiah said.

“She should’ve been in the orange and black and not the green,” he said on Friday with a laugh. “But it’s good to see her out there, competing against her.

“It’s one thing about Mea: She can play.”

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