Monadnock cross country coach Clint Joslyn, far right, was selected by New Hampshire Cross Country as 2020 Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year. Pictured are the Huskies after their state championship race on Oct. 31 at Derryfield Park in Manchester.

On Saturday, Monadnock Regional Middle High School cross country head coach Clint Joslyn was announced as the boys cross country coach of the year by New Hampshire Cross Country.

Joslyn led the Huskies to their first state championship since 2016. The team placed four runners in the top 10 at the divisional race at Derryfield Park on Oct. 31, scoring only 45 points to earn the team win.

Joslyn is the first Monadnock coach to earn the award, according to New Hampshire Cross Country.

“It means a lot to me because I think it represents what the team has done this year,” Joslyn said. “It might say coach’s award on it, but it’s a team award, the guys worked hard to earn it. They did a tremendous job.”

Joslyn said the award feels extra special this season because of the adversity that the team had to face.

“This was a trying year for everybody. Everybody really had to dig in and figure out how they were going to get through this year,” he said.

Even though the team didn’t know what the status of the season would be week-to-week, or even day-to-day, Joslyn said the boys continued to work hard, and that is what put them over the top.

“It showed the team’s resilience to adversity,” he said. “Things changed a lot. We had to change our training plan a couple of times because the season was shortened, and the schedules had to change. Everything was new to them this year compared to what they’re used to in past seasons, so it was a real adverse atmosphere.

“They were able to pull off something that was really remarkable from all that adversity,” he added.

Joslyn of course credited the team for the award, but also thanked Tom Cote, Monadnock’s athletic director, and the school board for giving them the opportunity to run this season.

“I think that was really important for the kids,” Joslyn said. “They needed these outlets. They needed to have some bright ray of sunshine in this 2020 year and without the school board’s decision to allow sports and without the athletic director and without the community and the parents, they wouldn’t have had this. It was a huge thing for them.”

Seniors Tyler Hebert and Harry Ryan led the team this season, finishing in third and fourth place respectively at the divisional meet. Junior Mitchell Hill, senior Donovan Lombara and freshman Jace Joslyn rounded out the top five.

Dover High School’s Nick Piatti earned girls Coach of the Year.

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