Monadnock Speedway saw its return to racing over the weekend, highlighted by five featured races in front of a crowded grandstand.

The Speedway will be back in action on Saturday. The deadline to purchase advance tickets for fans is Friday at 3 p.m.

Below are the unofficial results from this weekend’s races.

NHSTRA Modified:

Ben Byrne

Brian Robie

Trevor Bleau

Matt Kimball

Todd Patnode

Scott MacMichael

Cameron Houle

Cory Plummer

Kim Rivet

JT Cloutier

Jason Houle

Kevin Pittsinger

Solomon Brow

Andy Major

Brian Chapin

Keith Carzello

Rob Richardi

Brad Zahensky

Eric Leclair

Late Model Results:

Aaron Fellows

Robert Hagar

Adam Gray

Justin Littlewood

Tyler Lescord

Cole Littlewood

Willie Kuhn

Cam Curtis

Scott Beck

Alecia Fohlin Parker

Bill Johnston

Craig Chaffee

Unofficial Street Stocks:

Chris Curtis

Jaret Curtis

Jimmy Renfrew

Chris Buffone

Tim Wenzel

Chase Curtis

Ed Lofland

Dave Greenslit

Hillary Renaud

Mike Radzuik

Troy Waterman

Chris Riendeau

Paul Barnard

Bryan Grainger

Nathaniel Nunez

DNS: Aaron Plemons

Mini Stock:

Gordon Farnum

Nathan Wenzel

Shelby Avery

Doug Curry

Tim Leblanc

Jared Roy

Todd Taylor

Chris Taylor

Eric Bourgeois

Evan Bourgeois

Raymond Herman Sr

Pat Houle

Kevin McKnight

Kevin Clayton

Jeff Asselin

Kyle Poodiack

Kevin Cormier

Jake Puchalski

Bill Chaffee

DNQ: Mike Stebbins

Pure Stocks:

Bruce Clark

Mike Douglas

Sammy Silva

Damon Roy

JD Stockwell

Chris Davis

Jakeb Bosse

Jimmy Zelman

Carter Chamberlain

Jason Leray

Matt Winter

Brandon Lavoie

James Bagby

Reagan Buffum

Cory Lofland

Nick Houle