WINCHESTER — On Saturday, Monadnock Speedway was forced to cancel the JBH Classic featuring Granite State Pro Stocks and Valenti Modified Racing Series along with its weekly divisions, due to heavy storms in the region. At press time, there is no make-up date for this event as both touring series do not have a date available that works for them and the speedway.

Monadnock Speedway was able to host the Cindy Hall Mudbog Mudslinger event Sunday featuring six divisions. The winners included Dale Small (Westfield, Mass.) in the Opens; Jason Haber (Ascutney, Vt.) in the Outlaws and Pros; Lauren Black (Winchester) in the Modifieds posting a track record; Rob Cards (New Ipswich) in the 8-cylinders and Dave Fraczek (Springfield, Vt.) also posting a new track record in 4/6 Cylinders.

Racing will resume Saturday night at 6 and will include a backpack drive to help local students. The night will feature all the weekly divisions along with Pro Truck Series.

Mudslinger results

Opens: Tom Small, Anthony Sola, Brian Pires, Rob Jacobs, Todd Coombs

Outlaws: Jason Haber, Steben Bartlett, Brian Pires, Todd Coombs, John Burnett

Pros: Jason Haber, Rob Jacobs, John Baptistella, Todd Coombs, Lauren Black, Steven Bartlett, Jeff Springer, John Burnett, James Munroe, Dean Card

Modifieds: Lauren Black, Leo Barnett Jr, Jeff Springer, John Baptistella, Steven Bartlett, Kerry Hall, Dennis Labby, James Munroe, Barry Hall, Steven Johnson, Seth Wiggin, Dean Card, Rob Card, Lance Lafontaine

8-Cylinders: Rob Card, Lance Lafontaine, Steven Johnson, Dennis L:abby III, Pat Hall, Steven Hodgman, Nik Fiset, Scott Beck, Owen Fiset, Savanna Lackey, Devan Forbes

4-6 Cylinders: Dave Fraczek, Josh Whalen, Shane Deming, Scott Thurber, Matt Cannon, Pat Hall, Tammi Cannon, Michael Willard, Shyann Taylor, Scott Tommila, Savanna Lackey, Karine Swan, Kayden Whalen, Alex Clough.