Monadnock Regional High School senior Carly Ayotte will be continuing her athletic career at Colby-Sawyer College where she will be playing field hockey while also having the opportunity to play basketball.

For Ayotte, the Division III school gave her a similar feeling to home.

“Growing up in the Monadnock District, it has always been pretty small. But small does not always mean it is a bad thing,” Ayotte said. “The Monadnock District is such a close and tight-knit community. It was nice growing up and making great connections and relationships with those around me, whether it was a coach, teacher, family friend, or just a community member. Colby-Sawyer seems to have the same type of connections.”

Ayotte also considered the University of New Hampshire, University of New England, Franklin Pierce University, Merrimack College, Plymouth State University and Ithaca College.

Throughout her high school career Ayotte experienced plenty of success. She was a four-year starter and team captain for two years in field hockey. Ayotte also received the coach’s award in her sophomore and junior season and was named Defensive MVP of the team this past season. At the end of her junior season Ayotte was recognized as second team all-state and followed it up with first team all-state recognition in her senior year. Ayotte was part of the Monadnock field hockey teams that made it to the final four in her freshman and sophomore seasons.

In basketball Ayotte was a three-year varsity player and experienced her most proud memory at the high school level on the court.

“Winning the state championship in basketball my junior year was one of the best feelings in the world,” Ayotte said. “I was lucky enough to do it with such an amazing group of girls, who are some of my greatest friends. We were all so close and worked so hard throughout the offseason and the regular season, so it was really nice to be able to come out on top.”

Ayotte credits Mike Blair (basketball), Curt Dutilley (basketball), Todd Walker (basketball), Wendy Chamberlain (field hockey), Pam Loney (field hockey), Rob Colbert (basketball) and Jim Condap (basketball) as coaches that have had a great impact in her athletic career.

While the coaches have had a tremendous impact on her performance, Ayotte gives the most credit to her parents, Ron and Amie Ayotte.

“They have supported me through all my years of playing sports from long drives to away games, to driving me to practice, getting me new sports equipment, attending all of my games, and so much more,” Ayotte said. “Also, my dad had a huge impact on my athletic career. He has been my rock and believed in me the most. I would definitely not be where I am today without him.”

Ayotte is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to continue playing the sports she loves for the next four years.

“An opportunity like this means so much to me,” Ayotte said. “Sports have been such a huge part of my life since I was young. From field hockey to basketball to softball. It was and still is my entire world. For a while, I didn’t think I had the ability to play sports in college and decided to just focus on academics. However, I realized after multiple coaches, fans and refs approached me after my senior year asking me where I was playing in college, I realized I could continue my athletic career.”