Keene High School and the state of New Hampshire may be the latest to join in the “BeTheLight” movement that began in Texas and has since spread throughout the country, according to Keene High School Athletic Director Michael Atkins.

Among other schools throughout the state, Keene is in the midst of helping to coordinate a statewide lighting that is planned to take place Wednesday nights from 8 to 8:20 p.m., according to Atkins.

The movement is to honor the senior class, which has had to transition to remote learning, had spring sports seasons cancelled and has its graduation left on a to-be-determined basis as the COVID-19 outbreak continues.

“Without knowing much about the lights thing, anything we can do to lessen the feeling of angst and disappointment for the seniors is a good thing,” Keene High baseball coach Dan Moylan said. “Whether it’s sports or traditional graduation ceremonies, the last couple months of high school we’re trying to do the best we can to recognize that they missed out on a lot of their senior things that offer closure to their high school. It’s not perfect, but everybody is trying to do their best around the country.”

The movement began on March 24 at Dumas High School in Texas, when the school lit up its football field lights for an hour, fueling a social media movement throughout the country with the hashtag “#BeTheLight.”

Other states, including Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, have also joined in the movement to honor their senior classes.

Keene High School is also exploring other ways it can honor its seniors, according to Atkins.

There will be more information released Wednesday, according to Atkins.