Keene High School

Keene High School

The Keene High School boys soccer playoff game against Concord scheduled for Monday and the volleyball playoff game against Bedford scheduled for Tuesday have both been canceled due to travel restrictions because of an increase in COVID-19 cases.

“We’re obviously disappointed, but we understand and support the decision,” said Keene’s athletic director Mike Atkins. “It’s about the safety of our kids. That’s been the priority from the start.”

The decision not to compete is based on the Keene school board’s competition limitations, which restricts teams from competing against other schools with any active COVID-19 cases or from traveling to any county that is in the “moderate” or “substantial” community level of transmission based on the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services.

Concord High School is in Merrimack County, which currently has a “substantial” community level of transmission. Atkins said Concord was not willing to travel to Keene and a neutral site was not available, so the boys game had to be canceled.

Volleyball was scheduled to play Bedford High School, which, as of last Thursday, was reporting at least one active case. Therefore, Keene decided not to compete.

The girls soccer playoff game scheduled for Thursday against Goffstown High School is still up in the air. Goffstown has one reported active case, but if it is cleared early this week, Atkins said the teams might still be able to compete.

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