On Monday, Keene High School announced its 30 seniors who earned recognition has NHIAA scholar-athletes in 2021.

Nominations for the annual Scholar Athlete Award must be a New Hampshire high school senior, have a B+ or equivalent grade point average throughout high school career, letter and be currently active in at least two NHIAA recognized sports and be a positive role model who has participated in community service activities.

Keene’s scholar-athletes:

Adelyne Hayward: Soccer, Basketball, Track

Amelia Opsahal: Cross Country, Track

Amylia Anger: Soccer, Lacrosse

Bradley Baybutt: Bowling, Track

Britta Baybutt: Field Hockey, Alpine Skiing

Camille Chamberlain: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Track

Camille Fleutte: Soccer, Track

Carmella Richardson: Soccer, Softball

Dean Truesdell: Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Track

Dominic Matuski: Football, Lacrosse

Emma Patria: Field Hockey, Softball

Grace Hauser: Soccer, Track

Hannah Bates: Soccer, Track

Jaden Greenwald: Field Hockey, Ice Hockey

Jennelle Tattersall: Field Hockey, Ice Hockey

Jennifer Whitcomb: Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Kirsten Farhm: Basketball, Track

Kyle Huston: Cross Country, Track

Lily Pierannunzi: Volleyball, Softball

Martin Nelligan: Cross Country, Track

Matt Deraps: Unified Soccer, Basketball, Track

Miranda Boswell: Track

Nicholas Walton: Soccer, Nordic Skiing, Track

Peter Shield: Soccer, Track

Petter Haas: Soccer, Ice Hockey, Baseball

Sarah Feld: Gymnastics

Sophie Dean: Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Track

Sydney Fugere: Cross Country, Track

Tristen Dolenc: Cross Country, Track

Tyler Shollenberger: Alpine Skiing