Here is your Northeast Tournament top-three leaderboard update from Yankee Lanes, with two weekend remaining:

Scratch team: 1. Team Smith’s: Chris Hall, Tim Hansen, Keith Lang, Tom Hansen and Paul Smith, 3,513. 2. Team Smith 5’s: Brian Oppy, Bruce Eschner, Tim Hansen, Tom Hansen and Paul Smith, 3,501. 3. Corum 2’s: Josh Corum, Brandon Labrie, Justin Urbano, Miles Copla, and Jim Savasta, 3,479.

Scratch doubles: Josh Corum/Paul Smith Jr., 1543; Dave Rice/Eric Copping, 1,484; and Brendt Arndtson/Jay Barrios, 1,468.

Scratch singles: Scott Panniello, 81;, Eric Copping 796; and Paul Falk, 786.

Scratch all-events: Paul Smith Jr. 2,209; Eric Copping, 2,163; and Tom Hansen, 2,136.

Handicap team: 1. Team 5’s: Kim Cabana, Charlie Guptill, Tyler Cabana, Nick Gebhardt and Rick Gebhardt, 3,540. 2. Team Umbrello, 3,489. 3. Team Wray 3,478.

Handicap doubles: Charlie Unthank/Justin Urbano, 1,486; Jimmy Pritts/Steve Hardy Sr., 1,482; and Greg Flammond/Mike Colby, 1,478.

Handicap singles: Bryce Russell, 844; Josh Vitullo, 788; and Tara Tarbell, 777.

Handicap all-events : Greg Benoit, 2,225; Nick Marien, 2,148; and Jordan Ferguson, 2,138.

League play at Yankee Lanes

Friday PM: Ken Willett (258-681) and Bryan Johnston (238-687) helped the first-place Scooters Slackers to a 4-0 sweep over Butz and Gutz to widen their margin to a five points. Tom Cox (236-618) pushed Team Ringers to a three-point night helping them climb the leaderboard. Also, Jason LaClair (231-634), Janine LaClair (221-577) and Rob Batchelder (212-600) helped J’s are Fun to take three points to tighten up the race for second place this half, but will any of them catch Scooters Slackers with time dwindling?

Garrett Wilson apparently likes subbing on Fridays; he posted a 743 on strings of 258-227-258.

Other highlights: Sandy Guptill, 190-549; Kim Cabana, 220-644; Tom Patty, 258-630; Bill Wood, 196-502; Steve Henault, 225-636; and Burt Gowen, 189-555.

In Cobblestone Classic action, the Kingpins, with help from Mark Merrow (269-727), Kevin Russell (234-614) and Ernie Franklin (225-610) continue to gain on the top place, but have their work cut out, 11.5 points back and the weeks dwindling. The Royal Flush team earned 24.5 points behind Orson Hartwell (233-648), Tom Patty (247-608) and Steve Henault (255-607). And Target Stall banged its way to a 25-point night; Brandon Wagner had 269-743, Caleb Penny 238-636, Jeff Barden 224-622 and Josh Bezio 247-654.

Otherighlights: David Lamagdeleine, 236-618; Will Robinson, 266-656; Dylan Gallagher, 245-515; Kim Cabana, 205-611; Tyler Cabana, 237-659; Nick Gebhardt, 216-630; Joe Murphy, 224-614; Doug Stasukelis, 217-604; Eric Kilburn, 218-621; Sean Kilburn, 258-680; Rick Daniels, 244-637; and Gary Cook, 233-651.

In Thursday PM Mixed play, Wrecking Ball jumped to a tie for second taking 24 of 27 pointsd, helped by Marjorie Klar (176-474), Dave Nelson (197-553) and Dennis Fisher (225-599).

Ray Colburn, starting the night with a 166 average, rolled a 257 game and 627 series. Ruth Spencer entered the night with a 141 average and rolled a 186 game and 516 set. Caleb Penny had another big Thursday with a 278-728 set and Joe Puffer just missed 700, rolling 269-696.

Other highlights: Pat Paige, 152-441; Norma Beauregard, 181-470; James O’Brien, 226-632; Brian Hinz, 202-577; Ken Willett, 218-624; Brandon Lewis, 161-445; and Eric Manley, 226-608.

Garrett Wilson (231-679), Joe Murphy (268-686) and Caleb Penny (233-622) JOMO 2.1 to a three-point night as it kept a one-point lead over second place Rogue Squadron in the Tuesday PM Mixed Couple league.

Other highlights: Joe Puffer, 227-635; James O’Brien, 226-635; Ron Dunn Sr., 224-602; David Fish, 254-666; Jodi Patnode, 206-465; Mark Merrow, 239-636; Lee Patnode, 214-610; Rick Daniels, 232-685; Rick Simpson, 268-648; Keith Coll, 237-646; Sarah Croitoru, 175-423; Jessica Russell, 135-380; Rich Plummer, 203-492; and Jeff Yarus, 246-605.

In Junior Strikers action, Jon Moody and Jack Beauregard were the big hitters with 253-640 and 226-603, respectively. Bradley Baybutt rolled 211-578 and Mike Corcoran 204-571.

Other highlights: Colton Rowe, 87-200; Roberto Riesco, 117-300; Evan Chickering, 201-502; Erika Fortune, 96-256; Parker LaClair, 170-474; Isaac LaClair, 144-357; and Daylen Danforth, 196-514.

Clint Hall writes from Keene. He is a longtime bowler and actually competes in league play at

Yankee Lanes.