HINSDALE — Hinsdale Middle/High School has the green light to continue with winter sports again, said Hinsdale School Board Chairman Sean Leary on Thursday morning.

The district announced a postponement of winter sports on Monday until a risk assessment could be presented to the board. The assessment was presented and approved on Wednesday.

The original decision to postpone the winter season came as a Hinsdale student tested positive for COVID-19.

Leary said the student was not an athlete, but the administration decided to conduct the risk assessment “just to be absolutely sure.”

“We were already remote, it was a holiday, there was pretty much no chance that there’d be any exposure or problems with the basketball teams, but better safe than sorry,” Leary said.

The board wasn’t planning to meet until Jan. 13, so the original plan was to discuss the risk assessment at that meeting, but the board had a budget session Wednesday night which gave them an opportunity to take care of it sooner.

“The risk assessment was done early enough so that I could add an item on the agenda for [Wednesday’s] budget meeting because we didn’t want to make the kids wait a whole week if we didn’t have to,” Leary said.

The board voted unanimously to accept the risk assessment, Leary said.

The assessment was done by the school principal, the athletic director and the school nurse.

Sam Kilelee, Hinsdale’s athletic director, was not immediately available for comment.

Leary said the risk assessment included four questions that covered exposure, potential exposure, potential harm, etc.

Hinsdale tweeted Wednesday night: 

"Per the School Board meeting this evening, the pause on athletics at Hinsdale Middle/High School has been lifted. Practices are allowed to start again tomorrow. Girls' varsity 3:15-5:15 and boys' varsity 6:30-8:30."

The basketball teams are both scheduled to begin their seasons against Monadnock Regional High School on Jan. 12.

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