The Greater Keene Youth Baseball and Softball Association (GKYBSA) currently has no start date set for the 2020 spring season and the process of naming one is fluid due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A statement from the GKYBSA Board of Directors was put out to the public on both the association’s website and Facebook page May 4, which mentioned the GKYBSA is following the guidelines set forth by the national Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball League. However, that has no direct impact on whether there will be a start to the spring season in Keene.

For example, if a Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken league in another state sets its spring season start date for June 1, that has no bearing on whether Keene will do the same, despite both leagues being affiliated with the national Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball League.

The final determination for Keene will apply to both baseball and softball and will be up to commissioners in the state, league presidents — Christine Nowill in Keene — and state and local health officials.

Additionally, in the statement there are three options listed related to the financial aspect of playing in the league. These are the “Strike Out” option, “Rain Delay” option and “Home Run” option.

The “Strike Out” option is to request a full refund by reaching out by email to and The refund will be via check. If this option is selected, the player in the league will be removed from rosters, and in the event that any part of the season takes place, that means that player is not eligible to play.

The “Rain Delay” option leaves one’s registration fee in place, enabling two ways to proceed. The first option is to have the player play in the 2020 spring season if the league starts or to use the fee as a credit to the 2021 spring season. If a player were to age out, there would be a full refund issued in that scenario.

The “Home Run” option also leaves the registration fee in place and again offers one with multiple ways to proceed. The first is to play the 2020 spring season, if able to. The second is to donate it to the program. In the case of donation, the association will issue a tax-deductible receipt for the contribution to an association that relies on the donations it receives from the community.