The Greater Keene Women’s Softball Association’s board decided to postpone its season for the year Tuesday night, according to Parks, Recreation and Facilities Director Andy Bohannon.

There was the potential to begin the season in early June but that did not materialize.

While the Women’s Softball Association will not be playing, the Great Keene Men’s Softball Association is still planning to play its season, with a timeline undetermined as of now, according to Bohannon.

This news comes at a time when these leagues have already begun to see numbers dwindle. Last season the men’s league lost nine teams, going from 40 to 31. The women lost four teams, dropping to 19 teams from 23. The men’s league originally consisted of six divisions but moved to four. The women kept their three divisions. Over time the participation numbers have slowed, as over 20 years ago there were around 60 men’s teams, plus a senior league that is no longer around.

At the youth level the Greater Keene Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball Associations have no update on the status of their seasons, according to Bohannon.

Many of the local leagues may be waiting to see how one major domino falls.

“If the Swamp Bats aren’t playing it’s another reason for our leagues here in town not to be playing,” Bohannon said. “It is not just because of the fans but the interaction. You can be more than six feet apart in the field, except for the catcher, umpire and batter, and if somebody is on base. But in the dugouts, you’re in pretty close proximity and you’re not within the CDC recommended guidelines.”