The Fireballs Tennis Team, which plays out of the Monadnock Indoor Tennis Club of Peterborough, represented New England at the National United States Tennis Association championship games in Las Vegas Oct. 18-20. The squad was one of 18 teams from the U.S. that earned its place at the national tournament, by winning its regional, district and sectional championships in New England. The team came in 17th in the tournament. The competition involved women ages 18 and up and with a 4.0 rating as judged by the USTA, an organization with more than 700,000 members. Pictured, front, from left: Sorrell Downing, Francestown; Bobbie Nyland, Peterborough; Elizabeth Frost, Hancock; Sandy Harrington, Sharon; Juana Luneau, New Boston; Lisa Caulton, Amherst; Betsy Gordon, Peterborough. Rear, from left: Marianne McGauley, Keene; Vicki Brock, Peterborough; Sara Hamilton, Hancock; Lisa Foley, Peterborough; Gina Chase, Keene; Lisa Linder, Brookline.