Set to take place Sunday, Sept. 27, the Clarence DeMar Marathon hasn’t changed any of its plans due to COVID-19, according to race director Alan Stroshine.

If the city or college isn’t ready to hold large scale public events by Sept. 27, there’s a backup date for early November in the process of being finalized, according to Stroshine.

Throughout this uncertain time period, Stroshine has been in touch with the city and college. One obstacle that has already been planned around is the rescheduled date of Keene State’s 2020 graduation, Oct. 3.

COVID-19 has presented some challenges to the race, though.

“We’ve been forced to hold off on putting in some orders that are usually taken care of by now,” Stroshine said. “For example, we’re going to hold off until the very last minute on ordering our finisher medals. Because that is a large capital investment.”

Stroshine has been in contact with some of the major signature sponsors of the event, those who have contributed for many years. Building on those is another challenge right now.

“This is the time of year where we’d be going fast and furious with our corporate sponsors,” Stroshine said. “We have basically put that on pause. This is not the time to go out and reach out to our corporate sponsors to ask them to support us again for 2020 when many of them are doing everything they can to just keep their doors open.”