The Chesterfield Lions Club held its annual benefit scrambles golf tournament at Bretwood Golf Course in Keene.

These are the results:

Men’s Flight A

1st Place: Andrew Loney, Jim Loney, Justin Larock, Bruce Fenn (60/-12)

2nd Place: Nelson Salema, Sean Darwin, Joe Brooks, Dan Smith (64/-8)

Men’s Flight B

1st Place: Orson Hartwell, Kim Cabana, Charlie Guptill, Bill Roderick (59/-13)

2nd Place: Robert Parker, Larry Robbins, Dave Laing, Chris Oot (63/-9)

3rd Place: Troy Hamel, Rod Herzig, Bob Womooloski, Dave McDonald (63/-9)

4th Place: Glen D’Eon, Dillon Mercier, Phill Crotto, Sam Crotto (64/-8)

Men’s Flight C

1st Place: BJ Burnham, Jon Wojchick, David Lanier, Mike Kolodziej (63/-9)

2nd Place: Michael Bomba, Duane Chickering, Rob Yeaw, Ralph Carbonaro (64/-8)

3rd Place: Dave Nelson, Tory Nelson, Peter Solvang, Cayden Bell (65/-7)

4th Place: Dick Gatley, Keith Hannatow, Alex Kossakowski, Jonathan Brush (67/-5)

Mixed Flight

1st Place: John Couture, Norma Couture, Rachael Snow, Dick Somerset (67/-5)

2nd Place: Julie Tewksbury, Greg Tewksbury, Gary Kinyon, Pam Kinyon (67/-5)

3rd Place: Marty Mahoney, Barbara Mahoney, Peter Blaisdell, Carol Blaisdell (68/-4)

Women’s Flight

1st Place: Barbara Patnode, Judy Bufford, Gail Taylor, Rhonda Stewart (68/-4)

2nd Place: Susan Newcomer, Amy Bodwell, Alice Fuld, Lucia Bergeron (73/+1)

3rd Place: Linda Thomas, Deb Lucius, Pat Stoudt, Jan Walker (79/+7)