Last year: 0-16

Coach: Matt Bertolami (4th season)

Key departure: Leah Rideout

Top returning players: Halee Bertolami, Lily Pouliot, Meghan Mecheski, Emma Toscano

Top newcomers: Zoey Clark, Julia Hoden, Trista Faulkner, Bree Lawrence, Katie Newell

First game: Today, 4 p.m., vs. Hillsboro-Deering

Coach’s summary: “The team seems to have come together and is energized by the young, motivated freshmen that have been injected into the program. The team looks forward to being competitive in every game, and with a balance of veteran leaders and young talent, it is our hope to battle for wins this season.”


Last year: 2-13-1

Coach: Kaleb Lique Naitove (2nd season)

Key departures: Julia Aug, Emily Coppola, Abby Hamelin, Ellie Hayward, Mayzie Hunter, Aly Lemnah, Abby Mitchell, Paige Rountree, Ava Dellogono, Lucy Marshall

Top returning players: Isabelle Fleuette, Emily Richardson

First game: Sept. 4, 4 p.m., vs. Dover

Fall Mountain

Last year: 7-8-1, lost in 1st round

Coach: Bruce Ferland (12th season)

Key departures: Zoe Utton, Madison Martell, Tess Marsden

Top returning players: Makayla Waysville, Avery Stewart, Makenna Grillone, Olivia Dunnigan

First game: Today, 4 p.m., at Laconia

Coach’s summary: “This year’s schedule is a rugged one. We will need to come out of the blocks playing some our best soccer. We are also a very young team, but that just means our underclassmen are going to be critical to our team. We are young and we do have several new players that are learning their jobs. The sooner they master our expectations, the better for our long-term seasonal success.”


Last year: 3-13

Coach: Adam Patria (2nd season)

Key departure: Delaney Bevan

Top returning players: Jillian Patria, Megan Graff, Baily Brewer Siobahn Day

Top newcomer: Kim Chea

First game: Today, 4 p.m., vs. Hopkinton

Coach’s summary: “We are looking to get back to the playoffs after a season of growth. Optimism and energy is strong amongst the team with seasoned upperclassmen leading the way.”


Last year: 5-8-3, lost in 1st round

Coach: Curt Martens (3rd season)

Key departures: Lindsey Carey, Katie Carey

Top returning players: Nikki Bell, Kara Keiper

Top newcomers: Morgan Bemont, Eva McCollough

First game: Today, 4 p.m., vs. Lebanon

Coach’s summary: “The team looks good. It’s a lot of players of very different ability, from players who haven’t played in a while to players that play all year long. They’re all working very hard. They’re all working well together, and that means that there’s a lot of room for growth and improvement during the season, which I think we can accomplish.”