6 Common Concerns About Moving to a Senior Living Community

The decision to move into a senior living community is big — and it's easy to come up with reasons you shouldn’t do it.

“Any significant lifestyle change requires careful planning and asks you to address some very important issues,” says Karen Rathbun, retirement counselor at the newly opened senior living community Hillside Village Keene. “But this is the time to begin your journey to the ideal retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted.”

Here are some of the most common objections people have about moving into a senior living community — along with some alternate ways to approach these concerns.

1. I could never leave my current house.

It’s normal to be attached to your home, but is it really serving you anymore? “Chances are, you selected your current home using different criteria from your needs and priorities today,” Rathbun says. “If you look at your house objectively as though you were about to select it again, you might conclude it doesn’t match your lifestyle as well as it once did.”

2. I could never downsize to an apartment.

“At Hillside Village, we believe ‘rightsizing’ is a much better term to describe the healthy process of simplifying and organizing to find new meaning in retirement,” Rathbun says. It’s an opportunity to focus on the objects that are meaningful. Residents are always surprised by just how much they can fit in their apartments — plus, their new home includes “full access to an array of common areas and amenities that no private home could ever offer.”

3. It is too much work to move.

Everyone knows moving is no small task, but you’d be assigned a “move-in coordinator” to guide you through the process, help you be proactive, and connect you to local resources.

4. I don't want to give up my independence.

“Hillside Village is all about creating freedom and independence, not limiting it,” Rathbun says. “Our goal is to simplify and enrich your life by removing the day-to-day stresses and distractions that keep you from focusing on the things that matter most.” That means perks like someone to monitor your home when you travel and access to tons of social events and activities.

5. I can’t afford it.

“Many people who have attained a level of financial security through years of prudent planning and saving find that Hillside Village Keene is affordable,” Rathbun says. Still, the staff knows it’s a big financial decision, and they’ll help you get started crunching the numbers.

6. My family’s not on board.

“We find that even the most well-intentioned family members and advisors often don’t fully understand the benefits and value of moving to an active senior living community like Hillside Village,” Rathbun says. “That’s why we’re always delighted to talk directly with family members and advisors whose opinions you respect.” Once they learn about everything, you’ll really gain from the experience, they’re much more likely to get on board.

Hillside Village Keene is a fresh, new kind of senior living community designed with you in mind. To explore an interactive location tour and learn more about the community, visit them online at HillsideVillageKeene.org. For additional information, call (877) 829- 5349.