Moving into a senior living community is a major decision that can come with physical and emotional challenges. Tracey Borden, the move-in coordinator at the newly opened senior living community Hillside Village Keene, recognizes that it’s a tough process, but encourages people to focus on the quality of life that awaits them after they’ve completed the moving process.

Something that can make the process so difficult is simply deciding when it’s the right time. Borden has some advice on when to begin the process and how to make it as smooth as possible.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

According to Borden, it’s a good idea to think about moving into a senior living community ahead of time. “Being proactive instead of reactive is important,” Borden

says. “By planning ahead while they’re still healthy, that sets up for the long term and gives peace of mind to their families.”

Hillside Village view from dining hall

Signs it Might be Time to Make the Move

Even if you’re in good physical health, there are a few signs that it might be a good time to move to a senior living community. The first sign is that maintaining a home and property is becoming more of a burden and less of an enjoyment, Borden says. “Our focus is on independent living, so it’s not necessarily that they’re not able to do the work, but finding they’d rather spend time doing things they enjoy in their retirement. Maybe they’re tired of snow shoveling and gardening — too much to maintain.”

Something else to look out for is isolation, which is something that can increase as people's friends’ circles become smaller and perhaps their children don't come to visit as much. “Social isolation is one of the big risks, and by moving to a senior community at any age, it can erase that risk,” Borden says.

Down-sizing Does Not Mean Down-grading

Think about it as rightsizing! Many seniors fear that beginning the process of moving from a larger home to a retirement community means giving up control. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Residents of continuing care retirement communities can live as independently as they are able. By approaching a move thoughtfully, downsizing can be quite liberating. It is all about finding the right size!

Resources and Support

“We try to provide resources ahead of time to help them through the process and connect them with businesses in the community like moving companies or somewhere to donate items,” Borden says. “We certainly can work with people one-on-one or sometimes we’ll have group events where we can help with things like visualizing your

new space, looking at floor plans and seeing what you’re comfortable moving into and how your things can fit there. We’re happy to talk them through the process.”

Hillside Village Keene is a fresh, new kind of senior living community designed with you in mind. To explore an interactive location tour and learn more about the community, visit them online at For additional information, call (877) 829-5349.