Engaging Promotional Items to Hype Your Business

Want your business to be top of mind for potential customers?

Give them a little something to remember you by.

Items for everyday use imprinted with a business name or logo are good for brand recognition, according to research by Promotional Products Association International.

There’s no shortage of types of items that can be customized for a brand – mugs, magnets, keyrings, calendars, even last year’s flaming hot fidget spinners – says Tim Pipp, owner of Beeze Tees Screen Printing, a Keene shop that sells promotional products, in addition to doing in-house screen printing, embroidery and graphic design.

Here are four promo ideas to hype your business.

1. T-Shirts

T-shirts are a standard, but they’re effective, turning anyone who wears them it into a billboard for your company.

“The best bang for your buck is a T-shirt. Wearing it out and about as a business or having your employees wear it out gets the most impressions,” Pipp says.

2. Pens

In terms of non-wearables, it’s hard to beat the pen as the king of promotional giveaways.

“You can’t wear a T-shirt more than one day in a row, but a lot of people find a pen they just love, and they hold on to it,” Pipp says. “Every day you’re looking at what’s on that pen, no matter what.”

Even if the original recipient loses the pen, it’s bound to make its way into the hands of another user – and another potential customer.

“It’s so small, but it’s about getting your brand out there and your name out there,” Pipp says. “And if that pen is sitting in your pocket or binder or briefcase or purse or whatever it may be, it’s really getting your brand out.”

3. Bags

Bags, especially totes, are always in demand.

They are among the most frequently ordered printed items for events at Beeze Tees.

4. Whatever Works for Your Business and the Recipient

SInce the point of a promotional item is to make your brand visible, carefully consider matching items to your field, as well as the recipient.

“I always try to figure out what’s the most useful thing for that company,” Pipp says.

A mechanic might want to consider flashlights, seatbelt cutters or window breakers as giveaways; while a school might go with pencils or backpacks. Pipp says Beeze Tees often provides items for golfing events, printing logos on game-related items such as tees, balls, ball markers and divot removers.

“There’s just such a variety of things you can give away based on your industry or based on who you’re giving it away to,” he says.

Comic book shops might consider baseball card binders with the business logo on front.

Logoed lighters are big with smoke shops.

For pretty much any event, lanyards, notepads and stress balls go over well.

“You go to an event and people start walking around with these tote bags and things and everyone’s wondering where you got it from. It sparks the interest,” Pipp says. “And as a vendor, you want to have the thing that everybody wants.”

Want to find the promotional items that best fit your business? Check out the Beeze Tees showroom and retail store at 117 Main Street, visit beezetees.com or call (603) 357-1400.