Our mission

The reader of The Keene Sentinel will feel a sense of belonging and will be inspired and empowered to engage in community. This is made possible by an innovative, caring, proactive and responsive news organization that serves as a trusted source and civic partner.

Welcome to The Keene Sentinel and its website www.sentinelsource.com We are a media enterprise located in southwestern New Hampshire whose principal goal is to help the 100,000 or so people living in this region understand what is going on around them.

The Sentinel was founded by 21-year-old John Prentiss in March 1799, and, as we understand it, is one of the five oldest news organizations in the country continuously published under the same name.

About 60 people work here, in all sorts of jobs: news, advertising, printing, circulation, online operations, business and so on. We pretty much create a new product from scratch six days a week and online all seven. And we publish several other products in print and online, too, including a business magazine, a parenting publication, even a magazine geared to equestrians.

The paper is locally owned, which is a rarity these days. The publisher and owner, Tom Ewing, lives in Keene and occupies a corner office overlooking West Street. He, like all the other members of The Sentinel team, is answerable to and for an enterprise that has been serving the community for more than two centuries. (We only missed the administration of George Washington.) Acknowledging the public nature of our work, we are also answerable to you.

You can read more about our history by clicking here.

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Main number 603-352-1234

Tom Ewing
Owner and Publisher
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1001
Direct: 603-283-0701
Terrence Williams
President and COO
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1003
Direct: 603-283-0703


Main Number 603-352-1249

Bill Bilodeau 
Managing Editor-News Operations
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1403
Direct: 603-355-8564
Anika Clark
Managing Editor-Local News
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1406
Direct: 603-355-8565
Cecily Weisburgh
Managing Editor-Digital
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1437
Direct: 603-355-8578
Jack Rooney
Deputy Local News Editor
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1404
Direct: 603-355-8575
Olivia Belanger
Reporter, Health
Phone: 603-355-1234 ext. 1439
Direct: 603-355-8577
Molly Bolan
Reporter, Education, environment and Agriculture
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1436
Direct: 603-355-8568
Rick Clark
Copy Editor
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1421
Direct: 603-352-8574
Chris Detwiler
Sports Reporter
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1411
Direct: 603-355-8570
Laurie Kaiser
Copy Editor
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1410
Direct: 603-355-8541
Kevin Pearson
Copy Editor
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1422
Direct: 603-355-8573
Hannah Schroeder
Visual Journalist (Photography and Video)
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1404
Direct: 603-355-8567
Mia Summerson
Reporter, Politics
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1435
Direct: 603-355-8575
Caleb Symons
Reporter, Public safety, Housing, Arts and Entertainment
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1420
Direct: 603-355-8546


Main Number 603-352-1234 ext. 5994

Michael Breshears
Sales & Marketing Director
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1221
Direct: 603-283-0722
Shelly Bergeron
Assistant Advertising Director
Phone: (603) 352-1234 ext. 1228
Direct: 603-283-0718
Joe Warhall
Classified Sales Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1204
Direct: 603-352-6391
Janis Duffy
Executive Sales Administrator and Preprint Coordinator
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1004
Direct: 603-355-8542
Christie Wright
Account Executive Retail Sales
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1231
Direct: 603-283-0717
Lori Goldring
Account Executive Retail Sales
Phone:603-352-1234 ext.1227
Direct: 603-283-0720
Andrew Hoenig
Digital Media Sales Specialist
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1251
Direct: 603-283-0725
Doug Anderson
Account Executive The Business Journal of Greater Keene, Brattleboro and Peterborough
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1237
Direct: 603-352-1236
Johanna Wishart
Ad Layout Designer
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1603
Direct: 603-355-8549

ELF - Weekly lifestyle and entertainment magazine

Michael Breshears
Interim Editor
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1221
Direct: 603-283-0722


Gina De Santis
Events Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1244
Direct: 603-352-6390


Brendalee Edwards
Sales Manager
Phone: 603-209-6153; 603-399-4141
Jennifer Roberts
Phone: 603-313-39902

Monadnock Table

Doug Anderson
Sales Manager
Phone: 603-352-1236
Marcia Passos
Phone: 603-369-2525


Linda Flagg
Business and HR Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1601
Direct: 603-283-0707
Dayle Greene
Office Assistant
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1602
Direct: 603-355-8547
Johanna Wishart
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1603
Direct: 603-355-8549


Main Number 603-283-0797

Kelvin Parker
Operations Director
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1008
Direct: 603-283-0728
Ken Croteau
Circulation Office Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1301
Direct: 603-283-0708
Stacy Geno-Spooner
District Manager
Phone:603-352-1234 ext. 1310
Direct: 603-355-8553
Scarlet Gutierrez
District Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1310
Direct: 603-355-8553
Kim Ethier
Circulation Administrative Assistant
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1307
Direct: 603-355-8557


Main Number 603-352-1234 ext. 1008

Kelvin Parker
Operations Director
Phone:603-352-1234 ext. 1008
Direct: 603-283-0728
Brian Ahern
Press Foreman
Phone:603-352-1234 ext. 1805
Direct: 603-355-8579


Chris Carreira
Information Technology Director
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1007
Direct: 603-283-0700
Abraham Hadley
Systems Administrator
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1012
Direct: 603-283-0723


Jessica Garcia
Director of Digital & Design
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1701
Direct: 603-355-8561
Shay Riley
Assistant Director of Digital & Design
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1801
Direct: 603-355-8560
Emily Royal
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1822
Direct: 603-283-0721
Meg Gale
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1824
Direct: 603-355-8559
Andrew Hoenig
Digital Media Sales Specialist
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1251
Direct: 603-283-0725


Trisha Springer
Mailroom Foreman
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1806
Direct: 603-355-8563


Kathryn Norbutus
Print Shop Manager
Phone: 603-352-1234 ext. 1501
Direct: 603-283-0710
Use the button below to email our staff. Choose the staff member from the drop-down on the form. Form opens in a new page.