Here is a list of 32 transfers recorded in Cheshire, Hillsborough and Sullivan counties during the period ending March 10.

Listed below is the date of the deed and the purchase price, based on real estate transfer tax paid.

This list does not include sales of certain mobile homes, or property dispositions in divorce settlements or trusts.


At 60 Main St., Peter T. Galbraith to Nanino Properties LLC, three-family residence, March 6, 2020, $100,000.


At 576 Francestown Road, Unit B5, Kevin P. Boucher to Patricia M. Fitzgerald, condominium, March 9, 2020, $85,000.


At 22 West Street Extension, Kyle A. Chicoine to Tammy A. and Zachary S. Martineau, one-family residence, March 10, 2020, $123,000.


At 226 Route 9, N&M Winchester Properties to Christopher and Victoria L. Chasse, one-family residence, March 9, 2020, $290,000.

Alfred A. Rizzi and Elizabeth J. Shaw to Jacqueline Erickson, March 10, 2020, $380,000.


At 22 Stone Ave., Jaime Wiley to David Dubeau, one-family residence, March 10, 2020, $137,000.


At 152 Bonds Corner Road, Summit Property Holdings to Gene A. and Dianne M. Dwire, one-family residence, March 10, 2020, $229,733.


At 137 Mary Rowe Drive, Joel Gausten and Shannon Gardner to Adam Trask, one-family residence, March 6, 2020, $172,533.

At 10 Pine Glen Road, Elayne A. Symonds to Timothy J. Kelley, one-family residence, March 6, 2020, $65,000.

At 1 Redwood Road, Beverly M. Skillings and Timothy L. Skillings to Stephen J. and Susan Denning, March 4, 2020, $277,200.


At 7 Pitcher St., Nancy Turgeon to Gregory Laverne-Linton and Stacy Linton, one-family residence, March 9, 2020, $274,000.

At 15 Windsor Court, Unit E, Edwin J. Carey to Julie A Tewksbury Real Estate Trust and Julie A. Tewksbury, condominium, March 9, 2020, $150,000.


On Flagg Road, Rock 2015 Trust and Robert Rock to Kenneth Dassau Land Trust and Kenneth Dassau, March 6, 2020, $23,000.

New Ipswich

On Fairbanks Road, Earl R. and Maria J. Somero Real Estate Trust and Earl R. Somero to Marlon and Brittany Stenersen, March 6, 2020, $40,000.

At 22 Gibbs Ave., Kustom Construction Inc to William A. Digangi, residential open land, March 9, 2020, $309,933.

At 146 Old Country Road, Kenneth and P.A. Mogensen Family Trust and Kenneth Mogensen to Bulger Family Trust and Joseph Bulger, one-family residence, March 4, 2020, $480,000.

On Route 123A, National Finance Corp. to Brian R. and Jessica L. Teixeira, March 5, 2020, $65,000.


At 70 Court St., Russell Nicholas to Andrew Nichols, multi-family residence, March 6, 2020, $120,000.

FNMA to Jarrod Kwiatkowski, March 4, 2020, $51,900.


At 263 Elm Hill Road, Meghan M. Pierce to Peter Chadzynski, two-family residence, March 5, 2020, $215,000.

At 2 Mercer Ave., Malamalama M. Kim-Kang to John Mendenhall, one-family residence, March 10, 2020, $185,000.

At 9 Webb Road, Haavy Homes LLC to Kate Saari, County Municipal Properties, March 4, 2020, $288,000.


At 44 Village Drive, Cromwell Realty Development LLC to Amber R. Bourke, land, March 10, 2020, $290,000.


At 14 Woodland Drive, Troy G. Moore and Webster Five Cents Savings Bank to Stephen A. Hamilton, mobile home, March 6, 2020, $25,000.


At 49 High St., Thomas A. Gold and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Lakeview Loan Servicing, one-family residence, March 6, 2020, $99,169.


Peter J. and Elizabeth A. Fontaine to Robert R. Miller and Martha Chase-Tanner, March 9, 2020, $267,333.


On North Road, Sam McNeill-Talmadge and Eloise Carriere to Brookhurst LLC, March 5, 2020, $150,000.

At 13 Spruce St., Richard B. Zayas to Village New Investments, multi-family residence, March 6, 2020, $150,000.


At 1 Faxon Hill Road, U.S. Bank National Association Trust to Robert and Beverly Boyden, one-family residence, March 6, 2020, $55,400.


On Route 12, David and Sally Belluscio to Jail Realty Trust LLC, March 9, 2020, $260,000.


On Saddle Hill Road, Vernon L. and Saundra L. Bernard to Steven C. and Julia A. Wiggin, March 10, 2020, $40,000.


On Miller Road, Kamran Neman to Laurie L. Berezin, residential open land, March 9, 2020, $25,800.

These sales summaries are informational only and are not a legal record. Names shown are usually the first listed in the deed. Sales might involve additional parties or locations. Prices are based on tax stamps and might be inaccurate for public agency sales.