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Keene city elections 2021

Voters will choose the mayor and 11 city councilors, as well as election officials for each of the five wards. There is also a ballot question about changing the City Charter to allow city councilors (instead of voters) to approve the redistricting of the five city wards, due to the late census data. 

Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Don't know your ward? Find it here.

Click on the ward below for a sample ballot (via the City Clerk's office):

Ward 1: Michael E.J. Blastos Community Room, 400 Marlboro St.

Ward 2: Keene Parks & Rec. Dept., 312 Washington St.

Ward 3: Keene Middle School, 167 Maple Ave.

Ward 4: Symonds School, 79 Park Ave.

Ward 5: Monadnock Covenant Church, 90 Base Hill Road

Find more information on the candidates and the ballot question here.


Note: Candidates responses to questionnaires are not edited for spelling, style or grammar. Some candidates that are running for office did not respond to questionnaires.


Choose one: George Hansel (incumbent), Mark Zuchowski

City Council at-large

Choose five: Kate Bosley (incumbent), Bettina Chadbourne (incumbent), Randy Filiault (incumbent), Ian Freeman, Mike Giacomo, Jodi K. Newell, Boston Parisi, Michael Remy (incumbent).

City Council Ward 1

Choose one: Robert S. Crowell, Kris E. Roberts

City Council Ward 2

Choose one: Ryan Clancy, Mitchell "Mitch" Greenwald (incumbent)

City Council Ward 3 (4-year term)

Andrew Madison (incumbent) is running unopposed.

City Council Ward 3 (2-year term)

Bryan Lake (incumbent) is running unopposed.

City Council Ward 4

Catherine "Catt" Workman (incumbent) is running unopposed.

City Council Ward 5

Philip M. Jones (incumbent) is running unopposed.

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