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Keene general election, Tuesday, Nov. 5

Voters will choose candidates to serve on the City Council and as Keene's new mayor.

Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.:

Ward 1: Michael E.J. Blastos Community Room, 400 Marlboro St.

Ward 2: Keene Parks & Rec. Dept., 312 Washington St.

Ward 3: Keene Middle School, 167 Maple Ave.

Ward 4: Symonds School, 79 Park Ave.

Ward 5: Monadnock Covenant Church, 90 Base Hill Road

Find your ward and get sample ballots (via Keene City Clerk's office)

Voters will also be deciding whether to allow keno in the city. Find out more here.

The Attorney General's Office will be operating the Election Day hotline from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Anyone with with concerns or questions can call 1-866-868-3703

VIDEO: Keene mayoral debate

    City Councilors Mitchell Greenwald and George Hansel set out their visions for the city of Keene during a debate sponsored by The Keene Sentinel on Oct. 30, 2019.

    Podcast: Analyzing the Keene mayoral debate


    Editor's note

    Candidates responses to questionnaires are not edited for spelling, style or grammar.

    Some candidates that are running for office did not respond to questionnaires.


    Choose one: Mitch Greenwald, George Hansel

    Councilor at-large

    Choose five: Kate Bosley, Bettina Chadbourne, Randy Filiault, Steve Hooper, Allen Raymond, Michael Remy, Todd Rogers, Peter Starkey, Nathaniel Stout, and John Therriault.

    City Council, Ward 1

    Choose one: Raleigh Ormerod, Robert S. Crowell

    City Council, Ward 2

    Choose one: Teresa "Terri" O'Rorke, Robert "Bobby" Williams

    City Council, Ward 3

    Choose one: Mike Giacomo, David Richards

    City Council, Ward 4 (4-year term)

    Choose one: Robert J. Call, Gladys Johnsen

    City Council, Ward 4 (2-year term)

    Choose one: Robert J. O'Connor, Catherine "Catt" Workman

    City Council, Ward 5

    Choose one: Thomas Powers

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