Name: Kendall W. Lane

Age: 68

Address: 99 Wyman Road, Keene, NH 03431 Ward 4

Family: Wife, Molly B. Lane; children, Frederick, Jocelyn, Isabel

Education: BA University of New Hampshire, JD Boston University Law School

Occupation: Attorney

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: U.S. Army 3 years; Keene Housing Authority Commissioner 8 years, Chair 2 years; Keene Family YMCA Board of Directors 11 years, President 2 years; Cheshire Health Foundation Board of Directors 9 years, President 2 year; Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 7 years, President 1 year; Southwest Region Planning Commission Board of Directors 12 years, Chairman 2 years; SWRPC Transportation Advisory Committee Chairman 21 years; Keene Academy Fund Trustee 35 years, President 28 years; Keene Educational Foundation Board of Directors 1 year

Previous elected office: NH Legislature 4 years; 1984 Delegate NH Constitutional Convention; Keene City Council 1986-1993, 2007-2011; Keene Mayor 2011-present

How long have you lived in Keene: 68 years

Why are you running for mayor?

I was born and raised in Keene. I have spent all my adult working life here. I care a great deal about the future of this city and want to see it become the best city in America. I have been involved in public life in Keene for over 35 years and have been privileged to serve as Mayor for the past 4 years. The are many issues facing Keene including the heroin addiction crisis, employment base, master plan implementation, infrastructure improvements, jobs, housing, climate change, and the high taxes. I wish to continue working with the citizens of Keene to find long term solutions to these issues. In addition there are several ongoing projects that I wish to see to completion, such as the library expansion and the update of the land use codes. Finally, the city will be hiring a new city manager and I wish to work with him/her to introduce him/her to the community and the issues that he/she will be facing in the coming years.

What do you see as the mayor’s role in the city of Keene? Please be specific.

The mayor is the face of Keene and represents the city to the rest of the world. The mayor represents the city at official functions and acts as the chair of the city council. The mayor is responsible for appointments to city boards and commissions and the creation of special committees to provide advice to the city council and involve the public in the decision making process. The mayor works with the city council and the city manager to set policies and future directions for the city.

What role does the mayor have in addressing the heroin/opioid crisis gripping the community?

The mayor has the ability to bring together members of the community and experts in the field to search out solutions and make recommendations for specific actions the community and the council can take. As mayor, I have held a public forum to give the public an opportunity to be heard and have appointed a committee composed of city councilors, community members and experts to explore opportunities for the local community to improve access to resources necessary to address the problem and to support those in recovery.

How would you describe Keene to a stranger?

Keene is a beautiful city with an outstanding quality of life. With its impressive downtown, the envy of many communities, its outdoor recreation opportunities and its strong sense of place, it is a wonderful community to raise a family. Keene is a progressive city quick to adapt to new ideas and with a strong desire to protect the environment. The city has a diverse economy with 3 colleges, a hospital, a strong commercial sector and many industrial businesses. It is the worldwide headquarters of C&S Wholesale Grocers. The people of Keene are quick to come together to address problems and they take their public responsibilities seriously. In short, Keene is a wonderful gem of a place to live.

What would be your first action in office?

With the selection of a new city manager my first action in the new year will be to work with the new city manager to introduce him/her to people in the community and to review with him/her important ongoing projects in the city. I will also work with him/her and the city council to establish goals for the coming year.

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