Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang

On the issues

Yang’s central plan, the Freedom Dividend, would give American adults $1,000 a month to be adjusted to inflation each year in order to stem the fallout from jobs lost to automation and to value work currently unrecognized by the economy, such as caretaking. Yang also advocates for climate change initiatives that would move Americans to “higher ground” in order to deal with what he describes as the inevitability of disasters.


VIDEO interview

    Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang talks about his plans on a range of subjects, from his Freedom Dividend to foreign policy, during an interview with The Keene Sentinel's editorial board on Dec. 2, 2019. Find the audio in a special edition of the Pod Free or Die podcast here.

    Editorial board interview with Andrew Yang

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    A year ago, it would have been surprising to hear that long-shot Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang would speak to a crowd full of people at The Colonial Theatre less than a week before the New Hampshire primary.

    PETERBOROUGH — Only the fifth 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful to hold an event at the Peterborough Town House, Andrew Yang took a risk Friday night by making the step up to one of the region's largest and most historic venues.

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