The N.H. Primary: 2020 candidates

A look at who's running in the Feb. 11 primary.



Meet the candidates

Michael Bennet

Age: 55

Background: Senior U.S. senator from Colorado and former superintendent of Denver Public Schools; was a member of the so-called Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group of senators who pushed for comprehensive immigration reform in 2013.

Top issues: Immigration reform, K-12 education, expanding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Visits to the region: Five, in March at the Graphicast manufacturing plant in Jaffrey before declaring his candidacy a few weeks later, Hillsborough County Democrats’ Summer Picnic in Greenfield in August, Jaffrey, Peterborough and Keene in December, an editorial board interview with The Sentinel in January and a stop in Dublin in February.

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Joe Biden

Age: 77

Background: Former vice president; ran for president in 1988 and 2008 and was the U.S. senator from Delaware from 1973-2009

Top issues: Expanding health care access under the Affordable Care Act, mending diplomatic relationships with allies and “restoring the soul of our nation"

Visits to the region since this cycle: Two, a Keene State rally in late August and a town hall in Peterborough in December

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Pete Buttigieg

Age: 38

Background: Mayor of South Bend, Ind.; served in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in the Naval Reserves. Buttigieg is a former Rhodes scholar and would be the first openly gay president.

Top issues: Medicare for All Who Want It, workforce development, bridging the rural-urban divide

Visits to the region this cycle: Seven, once in February at the Orchard School and Community Center in Alstead before declaring his candidacy, then as an official candidate in May at Keene High School and an August house party in Hancock. He brought huge crowds to the Peterborough Town House in October, the Walpole Elementary School in November, The Colonial Theatre in Keene in January, and Keene State College on Feb. 8.

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Tulsi Gabbard

Age: 38

Background: U.S. representative from Hawaii, who is the first Hindu and first Samoan-American member of Congress. Gabbard also served in a combat medical unit in the National Guard in Iraq.

Top issues: Cutting defense spending and reducing America’s military presence abroad.

Visits to the region this election cycle: At least seven, two of which came before her official campaign launch. Gabbard was one of the earliest current candidates in the field to come to the Monadnock Region ahead of the midterms with a stop at Keene Middle School, where she gave an address at a progressive organizing summit with Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s fame. In October, she visited Franklin Pierce University and Keene State College, and attended a house party in Jaffrey in December. In January, she stopped in Jaffrey and held town halls in Keene and Charlestown, and visited Keene on Feb. 5.

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Amy Klobuchar

Age: 59

Background: The senior U.S. senator from Minnesota, Klobuchar was the Hennepin County attorney before becoming the first woman elected to one of Minnesota’s Senate seats

Top issues: Expanding broadband access, solidifying the Affordable Care Act and tackling climate change

Visits to the region this cycle: Seven, she made an April visit to Peterborough’s Waterhouse Restaurant, gave a May address as the keynote speaker of the Cheshire County Democrats’ annual spaghetti dinner in Keene, made an August stop in Greenfield for the Hillsborough County Democrats’ Summer Picnic and participated in a business roundtable followed by a Q&A town hall at Stonewall Farm in Keene. After the last debate in October, she visited a Keene State College political science class, and she drew a large crowd to Keene High School in December, followed by an editorial board interview at The Sentinel. Her final local appearance was at Keene State on Feb. 10.

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Deval Patrick

Age: 63

Background: former governor of Massachusetts, civil rights lawyer and businessman. Patrick was the first African American governor of Massachusetts and also served under then-President Bill Clinton as the U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.

Top issues: economic growth, climate change, investing in public schools.

Visits to the region this election cycle: Two, to Dublin in November and to Franklin Pierce University at the end of January.

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Bernie Sanders

Age: 78

Background: Junior U.S. senator from Vermont, formerly the at-large congressman for Vermont and mayor of Burlington; runner-up in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary; remains an independent but caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate

Top issues: income inequality, climate change, single payer health care

Visits to the region this cycle: Five a full-house rally at The Colonial Theatre in Keene in March and another packed rally at the Peterborough Town House in September. One of Sanders’ first events after his heart attack was an October rally at Keene State College. He also held a holiday party at Stonewall Farm in Keene in December and stopped at The Sentinel that month for an editorial board interview. His rally at Keene State on Feb. 9 has been the largest to date in the state for a Democratic presidential candidate.

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Tom Steyer

Age: 62

Background: Billionaire investor from California and founder of NextGen America, a nonprofit group pushing for environmental and voting-rights reform

Top issues: Climate change, term limits, national referendums

Visits to the region this cycle: Two, a town hall forum on disabilities at the Crotched Mountain School in Greenfield in December, and a stop at Keene State College Feb. 6.

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Elizabeth Warren

Age: 70

Background: Senior U.S. senator from Massachusetts; previously a Harvard Law School professor of bankruptcy law and adviser to federal oversight programs

Top issues: Anti-corruption, health care, consumer protections

Visits to the region this cycle: Five, a Keene State College town hall in April, a packed rally at the Peterborough Town House in July, a return to Keene State in September, a bowling alley rally at Bowling Acres in Peterborough in December, and a stop at The Colonial Theatre in Keene on Feb. 4.

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Andrew Yang

Age: 45

Background: Tech entrepreneur and philanthropist from New York

Top issues: Universal basic income (Freedom Dividend), modernizing the government, climate change

Visits to the region this cycle: Nine, June 2018 at the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship in Keene and February 2019 at The Works Café in the Elm City before a stop at Post and Beam Brewing in Peterborough, a late-August visit to Keene State, a September return to Peterborough and a December double-header with The Sentinel editorial board and another brewery-hosted town hall at Branch & Blade Brewing Co. He opened his Keene field office on New Year's Day, and appeared at the Peterborough Town House later in January. He stopped at The Colonial Theatre in Keene Feb. 5 and held a pre-primary rally Feb. 10 at Keene State.

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Donald Trump

Age: 73

Background: President of the United States, businessman, reality TV star

Top issues: Immigration, the economy

Visits to the region this cycle: None, but held a rallies in Manchester in August and Feb. 10.

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William Weld

Age: 74

Background: Former Massachusetts governor, 1991-97; Libertarian vice presidential candidate, 2016

Reason for challenging President Trump: To offer an alternative for old-school Republicanism by giving voters a fiscally conservative, socially liberal choice. Weld has said he will not run as a third party candidate in 2020.

Visits to the region this cycle: Five, at the Keene Public Library on Feb. 8, Keene State in September and November, in Peterborough in July and at Franklin Pierce University in February 2019 before officially declaring his candidacy

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