Submission Guidelines

Contact Information:

By Mail: PO Box 546, Keene, NH 03431
Phone: VT: (800)765-9994, NH: (603)352-6278

Preferred Method of Submission

We prefer articles to be submitted via email, but will accept hard copy through the mail as well. If emailing your article, please attach it to the message as a Word document, rather than including it in the body of the email. Please be sure to include your contact information, including phone number, mailing address and email address.

Article Length

Articles should run between 400 and 800 words.

Preferred Topics and Subjects

We prefer articles that address a topic from a local perspective, focusing on the Cheshire County, NH and/or Windham County, VT regions. Articles that focus on a local issue, event, or organization work well, as do articles that explore a topic of general interest but include quotes and perspectives from local experts, organizations, and/or parents. We greatly appreciate photos to accompany articles. If you have photos, you may send them to our mailing address or send them in digital versions via e-mail (JPEG, at least 300 dpi).

Payment and Rights

Payment will vary according to article relevance and length. Articles that address a topic from a local perspective thoroughly and serve as an important resource for area parents are more valuable. If an article is sold to us for publication, we ask that it not be sold to another local publication in Windham and Cheshire Counties. Likewise, please do not submit an article to us that has already been printed in a Windham or Cheshire County newspaper.

We also like to share articles printed in our newspaper with local non-profits, giving them rights to include relevant articles on their website. Please let us know if this is a problem.

Editorial Process

Prior to publication, the editors of Parent Express will review the article and make necessary changes in mechanics, spelling, and grammar. They may also contact you directly with questions and clarifications regarding specific passages. The article will be submitted to you in its final version prior to the press date if there are significant changes

Responses to Submitted Articles

In the event that we decide to use a submitted article, we will contact you directly. If we like the article but do not decide to run it immediately, we will keep it in our files for possible future use. If you have sent a hard copy or photos and would like them returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope

Parent Express Rules and Standards

Parent Express expects all written, artistic and photographic submissions by staff members and freelancers to meet certain standards of accuracy, originality and independence, including the following:

    • Sources of information will be identified by name.

    • Quotations directly and indirectly attributed to sources will be actual quotations that have been spoken, written or otherwise expressed by that source in the time period of the focus of the article.

    • Quotations that have been expressed as being “off the record” or “for background only” will not be published without the approval of the editor.

    • Events described in submitted articles will be actual events that occurred in the time period identified in the article – not fictional events that have been fabricated to illustrate a point. Any deviation from this policy must have the approval of the editor.

    Parent Express requires that the general rules of plagiarism will apply, meaning that words outside of quotations will be the words that were composed and actually written by the writer. Word-for-word duplication, or close paraphrasing of any other material (whether expressed orally or in writing, whether appearing privately or publicly or whether appearing in print or in other forms, such as the Internet) without clear attribution of the source is not permitted.

    • Written works that have been published or written elsewhere may be republished in Parent Express, but only under terms approved by the editor.