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About 20 years ago, my husband, Joe, was in search of a career change; one that would not just motivate him but also inspire him to learn and to grow as a person. When he decided to embark on the journey to becoming a Medical Mobility Technician, he had no idea how much his “job” would change his life.

If you were to ask him today, Joe would say his job is more of a privilege than work. His current title is Senior Mobility Technician and he specializes in power wheelchair and scooter rehab and repair.

When a person requires medical mobility equipment, it’s Joe’s job to make sure the equipment meets the specific needs of the individual because one size doesn’t fit all. His clients are children and adults with long-term and short-term needs, but his goal is the same for everyone — to provide each client with the ability to stay mobile and safe.

“There is nothing more rewarding than to watch a child who may not have the ability to walk — to actually HAVE the ability to use a wheelchair to achieve independence,” said Joe. “I see ability in disability. I see possible in impossible.”

I wanted to share with our readers a bit about my husband’s work because I have had the opportunity to witness the impact his career has had on his life. He loves his job. He loves the people.

When selecting book titles with a focus on special needs, I can’t help but to think of my husband and his belief that “special needs” isn’t defined by what a person can’t do, but instead by what a person CAN do.

Of course, my husband isn’t an expert on physical, developmental, behavioral or sensory impaired special needs. He has merely spent the last 20 years being inspired by not only his clients, but their families. In our home, ‘inclusion” isn’t just a word, it’s a lifestyle.

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Tabatha’s Bag of Books,  Chatters & Matters: wind

Noah Chases the Wind

Written by Michelle Worthington, Illustrated by Joseph Cowman

ISBN: 160554356X

Reading Level: Ages 3 to 8

Publisher: Redleaf Lane, 32 pages

Noah is different. He just doesn’t ask a lot of questions — he sees, he hears, and he feels in ways a lot of people may not understand. Filled with wonderous illustrations, this book embraces the curious nature of children on the autism spectrum. A Moonbeam Silver Medal Children’s Book Award Winner.

Tabatha’s Bag of Books,  Chatters & Matters:

Locked In: The Will to Survive and the Resolve to Live

Written by Victoria Arlen

ISBN: 1501174622

Publisher: Howard Books, 256 pages

Reading Level: Middle school and up

At 11 years old, Victoria Arlen contracted two rare diseases that left her in an enigmatic vegetative state. “Locked In” is a story of her miraculous journey of hope, determination and faith. From being a prisoner in her own body to finally breaking free — she shares her pain, her struggles and her will to live one step at a time.

“We are not DEFINED by our past, instead we are REFINED by our past. It’s what shapes us and allows us to become the strong people we are today.” – Victoria Arlen

Tabatha’s Bag of Books,  Chatters & Matters:

Hello Goodbye Dog

Written by Maria Gianferrari, Illustrated by Patrice Barton

ISBN: 1626721777

Reading Level: Ages 4 to 9

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press, 40 pages

Zara’s dog Moose is a therapy dog and loves being with her. But dogs aren’t allowed at school. Moose isn’t about to let that stop him! Will his determination change the rules? A sweet story with delightful art that shows the bond between a little girl and her loyal therapy dog.