MWS Pilot Project Creates Snowplow Art

Monadnock Waldorf School (MWS) has partnered with the City of Keene’s Department of Public Works on a pilot project to beautify the city’s snowplows with student art.

During the week of Sept. 23, middle school students from MWS painted the blade of a city snowplow with art themed around their study of the water cycle. Throughout the winter, the painted plow will be used to clear snow from the neighborhood surrounding the school in downtown Keene.

This pilot project aims to raise student and public awareness about the environment and the role of public works in everyday life. Community education is one part of the mission of the Department of Public Works, which is interested in expanding this project to include more area schools in the coming years.

For students at MWS, this project is the culmination of a hands-on, middle school block on meteorology. As part of this block, students have learned about the water cycle, tracked the devastation of hurricanes in the news, observed and painted cloud formations and visited Mount Washington Weather Center.

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