Readers of this column know that my wife and I created the “University of Brattleboro,” the oldest non-existent university in the world. This fake institution has the mission of creating real events that are fun and free.

One of my favorite activities we have created has been the perpetual treasure hunts. We place treasures of modest value but real beauty, in various locations in the southern regions of Vermont and New Hampshire, and we write cryptograms and other coded messages, clues and maps, that people can use to find these treasures. Most of these treasure clues have been shared in the pages of the Keene Sentinel’s Parents Express and ELF magazine. Last year, WCBV, a Boston based television station, came to Brattleboro and documented our work, and revealed a new coded treasure hunt that leads to a large glass diamond, hidden somewhere on the Retreat Trails. You can find that video on YouTube by searching for “Brattleboro Treasures WCBV.”

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