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For students at Monadnock Waldorf School, even remote learning in this time of COVID-19 is a rich and vibrant experience that engages them in a hands-on, multidimensional way.

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As we navigate the social distancing and stay-at-home mandates prompted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, anxiety and stress levels are high… particularly for children and teens. Their bedrooms and dining room tables have become school desks and classrooms, and video conferencing with teach…

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Impact Monadnock (IM) is the signature early childhood initiative of the Monadnock United Way. IM’s mission is to prepare young children for future academic, career and life success. We work toward this mission by bringing together teams of community members to focus on issues that affect yo…

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Recently, I felt like one of the lucky ones. I got to go into the Oak Grove School garden in Brattleboro – past the gate that is locked to keep people off the school playground during this time of pandemic and social distancing – and I got to plant seeds.

Pregnancy & Babies

We are not meant to mother alone – and this year’s World Breastfeeding Week challenges us to thank the parents who have gone before us and encourage and mentor the pregnant families and friends in our lives.

Welcome to Monadnock Healthy Teeth, a public health program within Monadnock Community Hospital. Since 2003, our focus has been dental health and wellness for children and their families in the Monadnock Region.

Little Kids

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The term “miracle baby” has warmed many hearts. We have all heard those stories of a couple looking to add that small bundle of joy to their family, only to be faced with heartbreaking challenges. Then, one day, that little plus sign shows up on the test – or adoption papers are signed – and…

So much is happening in the first six years of life as children are rapidly growing and developing. It is a team effort between caregivers, children and oral health professionals to develop a self-care routine that works.

Big Kids & Teens

Imagine students learning to grow their own food and prepare healthy meals each day at school. That’s exactly what’s happening at the LEAF Charter School in Alstead, a tuition-free public high school that opened in September of last year.

More than 287 kindergarten-aged children and younger had the opportunity to learn to love the winter sports of skiing and snowboarding last winter by taking advantage of the free lift tickets to ski or snowboard at Living Memorial Park Snow Sports in Brattleboro. For older siblings and paren…

Family Wellness

The first time I learned anything about nicotine was when I was getting my M.S. in Entomology (the science of bugs). I learned what a potent poison it was against insects and that it had been used since colonial times to protect vegetables.

Some kiddos might bound into a dental exam room and hop right up into the chair, but not every child has that amount of enthusiasm for visiting the dentist. Others are more hesitant and won't make eye contact or cling tightly to a parent’s hand.

So much is happening in the first six years of life as children are rapidly growing and developing. It is a team effort between caregivers, children and oral health professionals to develop a self-care routine that works.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that dental decay is the most prevalent infectious disease in our nation’s children, and a recent study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dental found that dental decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times …

Tasty Table

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In this edition of Tasty Table, we are excited to introduce two foods starting with the letter P!

Quinoa comes in many colors, such as black, yellow, red, and white. Each color has a slightly different texture and taste, making quinoa a fun addition to your meals.

There are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that start with the letter P: peppers, pumpkins, potatoes, peas and parsnips are just a few. Let’s focus in on a few to learn more about their natural health benefits.


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People around the world are practicing social distancing and self-isolation at home, which means more home-cooked meals and an increased need for proper food handling, storage and cooking techniques. According to the NSF, there are some best practices for proper food handling, storage and co…

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Birds are capable of grand engineering feats. Just look at the variety of their nests. But are they engineers? Not in the way you might think. Just as birds know how to fly, they know how to build a nest without instructions or apprenticeship. It’s a matter of instinct. Caring for nestlings …

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Do you remember reading with your parents as a child? Aren’t those positive memories of sharing stories and being close? During this time when kids are out of school and have limited social interaction, that closeness that comes from reading together is more necessary than ever. Plus, readin…

On a Sunday afternoon in early December, I stood in front of the post office in Marlboro, Vt., with two of my high school Environmental Science students. We were checking our gear and awaiting the arrival of Patti Smith and members of the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center (BEEC) Natur…