My name is don and Mary-lou

My name is don and Mary-lou

Life named me

Time named me

Love named me

Art named me

I don’t believe in romantic life

Said the woman from Sofia

I don’t believe in romantic love

Said the novelist from the borderlands

Don and Mary lou

Romantic love

From the country of time and life and death

Each day a concerto

Each day a bouquet

With the parfum of happiness

The scent of memory

Still sings

And the chords of solenne

Echo the chorus of NABUCCO

My name is don and Mary- Lou



My Little One

She’s my little one

The one that makes me ache

Especially late at night

When the quiet of the day takes center stage

And all I have are the memories

Of a time that passed all too quickly

I remember the first time I held her

How could she be mine

She’s too perfect

How did I deserve her?

Life, living it

It’s what we all do

What awaits you

Is locked in the mystery of time

And what is time?

Tell me

I’m listening



My Happy Friend

Frolicking in the flower patch

and rolling on the lawn

four legs kicking in the air

With a happy smile at every dawn.

I named my Beagle Dog “Lilly”

for my favorite Spring blossom

her honey blonde fur so soft

All the passing kids patted often,

For a decade we were so close

walking often on the RR Trail

we became older together

And over the years quite frail,

Now, sadly we say a loving ‘Bye’

My happy Beagle Friend “Lilly”

Is Now Gone!!