Just Saying

Let me get into your wheelhouse a little. I want to unpack a few things so that we can be on the same page. First, the footprint is awesome and as long as everyone buys in we can take it to the next level. We all know it’s a slippery slope, but if you follow my rubric, which by the way is the state of the art, we can move the needle. Going forward we need to leverage our talking points to maximize the bottom line. This is a game changer people and from my perspective it’s a no brainer. In order to get the ball rolling we need to sell the key take aways to the doubters and I know everyone here will give it 110%. However, I want you to be aware that there’ll be push back, and I’m sorry to say this is the new normal. Paradigm shifts like ours are difficult for some to stomach, but I know in my heart that this is the best practice. My request is that you don’t pivot and please be as transparent as you can because at the end of the day, it is what it is.




I wish at times that I could find

someone to live with some peace of mind

a balanced check book no bills to pay

some money in the bank a better way

to be myself to understand

to play the game

to love the world

coz my mind is like a leap frog

leaping in the lake

first it sits and then it jumps

my mind it hits and then it thumps!

on the Past

on the Future

why not just right now?

you did...you....didn’t

forget about why and how!



Paean to Vinyl

remember record stores? cutout bins?

remember flipping through them one by one

and what it was like

to find the One -

the One long out of print

the One that had eluded you

until now -

and how you could barely believe

that you’d actually found it?

remember how the cellophane wrapper

crackled with static electricity

as you tore it off?

remember sliding the disk from the sleeve...

holding it by its edges

between the palms of your hands...

setting it onto the turntable...

gently lowering the tone arm

til the groove captured the needle...

and the Groove captured your imagination?

oh, that thrill of discovery -

the sounds, colors, textures of terra incognita

explored from an easy chair

while reading the liner notes



Hope for the Future

2020 was not so bad

The way it started out

Like Ernest Thayer’s epic poem

And Casey did strike out

And so into the year we went

It didn’t take us long

To realize something was amiss

And totally was wrong

So reminiscent of the past

A hundred years or so

The war had stopped, though not the flu

Affecting friend and foe

But now in relative peace time

With hope that we’ll restore

The way of life that we once had

And have that life once more