On reading Cicero

in the Facebook age

Poor Cicero he had only one friend

Loyal to him to the very end

Poor Cicero had he lived today

He’d have 244 likes 244 friends

In this age of advanced communication

People grunt like Cyclops From nation to nation

They spend hours they spend their days

Celebrating the self in infinite ways

Everyone is AWESOME AMAZING this we see

As everyone says look at me look at me

This is a tribe of multicultural philistines

Such stupidity on such a large scale has rarely been seen

Since man was born to tell stories and tales

Of life’s great joys life’s inevitable travails

The world the world revolves around me

And if you dare to disagree

You commit the sin of negativity

In this world everyone’s a star

Whether you live near or far

From the madding crowd

As long as you proclaim aloud

To your 547 friends in the crowd

The world the world revolves around me

Donald Trump the king of ME is all the rage

As his followers are awesome in this modern age

He tells the world how awesome he is

And he never heard of Cicero

Like robots they all use the very same few words

And no one dares say no to this world most absurd


The holy trinity of this modern constabulary

We live in an age where people are often alone

With violence suicide drugs cruelty ignorance without end

But we have our 612 instagram friends

Cicero Montaigne Hesse Achebe

Know the integrity of friendship in every way

It is a rare magnificent thing

Two souls that embrace two souls that sing



Know Nothing

If you ask me

I don’t know

I haven’t known for a long time

At least not since Kennedy was killed

Oh, I might have answers

And they might sound half way intelligent

But I really don’t know

I fake it a lot

I say this about that

That about this

People around me bob their heads

Up and down

As if they’re listening

But people don’t listen anymore

Not really

They know the signals

When to agree or not

Give the right facial expression

The right shoulder and hand moves

But if you asked them to repeat what you just said

They claim amnesia

(Their parents had that problem too)

It’s funny, at least to me

That there are so many people today

That know

And if you question them about where they got their info.

They act professorial

And get all bent

That’s when I go into my fake it mode

Like I know exactly what they are saying

So I don’t have to put up with the phrase

“You must be kidding man, coz everybody on the planet knows this, jeez!!!”




I find myself

on the rim of memories

They corner me wherever I go

so I surrender to their insistence

as they pour over my consciousness

a pitcher of sweet and sour memories.