It’s the Little Work I Think

Someone’s keeping score


I never worked out a trade deal with Mexico

Or signed a nuclear arms agreement

Or brought the Palestinians and Israelis’ to the table

No, it was much much smaller than that

And none of my doings made the paper

Or was even noticed by my Principal

I helped Martha multiply using decimals

And Andy how to talk to his estranged dad

J T how to approach Mr. Wells for help

And Devon how to leave his chaotic home

It’s God’s work I believe

Even if I’m not on God’s elite list

And even if above us is just sky

It’s what has to be done

The outcome?

If you do this work, you’ll never know

Maybe that’s the beauty of it

You take your ego out

To help a kid along

Into their future

The place you’ll never see



Appropriate Accoutrements

The Creator gave Mother Nature carte blanche-

All living things received special adornment!

Vibrant color glistens in some animal species-

Others have plain hues with lives safely spent!

Checkered, spotted, striped or monochromatic-

Each embellishment for protection was meant!

Combination of tones embroider the landscape-

Flora ablaze with arrangement of tint and scent!

Deciduous trees ablaze with summer Verde sheen-

In Autumn a kaleidoscope under heavenly tent!

A spectacular array of innumerable flora and fauna-

Delight in appreciation of each will never relent!



The Rain Cometh

It raineth, it poureth

I’d build an ark

But I knoweth not animals to house

I’d leteth a smile be my umbrella

But I’d just geteth wet

I’d runneth to the hills

But I happen to knoweth

It raineth there too!