Life with you was easy

Life with you was easy

Like the kingdom of the shades

In la bayadere

Like makarova flirting

La fille mal gardee

It all seems effortless

Like Yo Yo Ma

Playing Saint-Saens

The Swan

Beautiful beautiful

As Leda’s lover

Elegantly beautiful

Like poems of Wordsworth

Where words parade

Like fields of daffodils

A meadowlark

Singing a yellow song

The world as ballet

Life with you was easy


Without you

Easy is a memory

Women I meet

Play off note

Words cacophonous

Grace of warthogs

Life with you was easy



My Happy Friend

Frollicking in the flower patch

and rolling on the lawn

four legs kicking in the air

With a happy smile at every dawn,

I named my Beagle Dog “Lilly”

for my favorite Spring blossom

her honey blonde fur so soft

All the passing kids patted often,

For a decade we were so close

walking often on the RR Trail

we became older together

And over the years quite frail,

Now, sadly we say a loving “Bye”

My Happy Beagle Friend “Lilly”

Is Now Gone!!