Summer Heat

The hot majestic summer air

Drifts by me at the sea

The salty ocean breeze flows by

Flows by one blessed and free

And as I sit and watch the waves

While sipping my ice tea

I tend to think as I do now

What better life for me

A bit of guilt I often share

That I am blessed here so

Though thankful for all that’s bestowed

As I grow old and slow

Indeed I lived a cherished life

My wife my kids with me

Though in my mind, that’s all I have

While sipping my ice tea



Sleep Sermon

Do you sleep?

Or does truth make you weep?

Are you alive?

or in paranoid underdrive?

Are you aware of give and take?

Or waiting for blossoms to wake?

Do you wear hats to ward off the flu?

Or think someone will take care of you?

Do you play the gossip game?

Does your soul wince in shame?

Do you know your life is this minute?

Why not grab it up and spin it?



Daunting Discord

An extremely harsh interruption-

From our ordinary days!

Unexpected jazz blue note-

Causing innumerable delays!

Suffered Sousa’s military marches-

Anger effecting a looting blaze!

Isolation, racism and grief-

A funereal atmosphere replays!

Pomp and Circumstance fetes differ-

Strategies created to grant praise!

With hope, action and faith in the future-

We’ll orchestrate this manacled maze!