Ted Williams, My Childhood Hero

The greatest hitter of all time

I had the pleasure to meet

The splendid splinter, number nine

While at a meet and greet

Was at the Mall, George Bush was there

Running for President

Coincidently, I was there

And glad that day I went

George Bush was first, I shook his hand

And Ted was next in line

I shook his hand, a forceful grip

My hero number nine

That day I will always recall

With satisfaction great

For as a kid, I watched him play

I watched him at the plate



Angel on my Shoulder

When the road is long and weary,

And my feet are sore and worn,

When my heart is sad and heavy,

And my spirit is forlorn,

I lift my eyes and turn my head

When I feel under a curse,

And then I always find you there

When things are at their worse.

You are my angel on my shoulder:

I am not worthy that you should come to me ...

Yet you sustain me, protect me, and bring me comfort now, Even in the face of adversity.