Santa Fe


Snowing just outside of Santa Fe

The roads are clogged

Like my throat

There’s a drip I can’t explain

Maybe I should worry

Or maybe it’s just the hard traveling

Through the swirl that makes you clam up

And your eyes bug out as the white races at ya,

So hard that you can’t tell road from cliff edge

At seven thousand feet you get a little woozy

And those two beers didn’t help much

You try a prayer

And answer your own words

Then it’s there, El Centro

The Navahos have spread their wares

Waiting and hoping for a few bucks

25 dollars for a pair of handmade turquoise earrings


I hope she likes them!


Polk took their land away

But not their souls

It’s quarter of one

And I’m a long way from home home

You can wish all you want

And want what you can’t have

You can hope for the best

That someone will be there

At the end of it all

In the darkness it all seemed clear

What your road really means

The curves and hills

And all those dead ends

But in the breaking light

You march on

Like it was all planned for you