Abijah and the Holy Family

(Part I)

In the days of Caesar Augustus when the world was still quite young,

And the turning point of the prophecies had only just begun,

There lived in the Judean village of Bethlehem Ephrathah,

A mute boy named Abijah and his troubled, widowed father.

A modest inn so desolate, though humbly built in dignity,

In the royal town of David’s birth did reside this broken family,

For here is where the stage is set of that which was and is to be

A tale of unrequited love well-mingled with antagony.

The father being lonely, and years without a wife,

Who passed away from giving Abijah’s place in life,

Insistently decided when all had been said and done

To have a chip on his shoulder regarding his only son.

Thus it came to pass in this time according to the facts,

That all the world united in order to be taxed,

And so they came in numbers to lodge within this inn,

Maintained by a wretched father and his solitary kin.



Editor’s Note: This is the first part in a four part series to be published weekly.


She does her cat shout

not slink away and pout

There she goes against

again again and then

My head’s about to burst

it’s the absolute worst

the absolute worst



The Mouse Story

Lil’ mouse giggled

The humans put a tree in their home

Silly humans

Suddenly lil’ mouse heard a ho ho ho

Now the humans had a fellow

Dressed in red in their living room

What next?

Lil’ mouse dived into his wall house

After all, he had been told,

There would be quiet in the house

And nothing stirred

Not even a mouse